Sarpy County People’s Choice Award – 2019 Winner!

Thanks for Choosing Us! image best of omaha sarpy county peoples choice award

(Bellevue, Omaha, NE) – Snell Heating and AC of Gretna, Nebraska appreciates your vote of confidence – six years in a row. Last week or so it was publicly announced our Omaha metro heating and cooling company, won the 2019 Sarpy County People’s Choice Award in the residential / commercial services HVAC category. Snell Heating and AC joins two other companies that earned the honor.

The Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards, inaugurated in 2014, is sponsored by Suburban Newspapers and  Each year readers cast online ballots to choose their top favorite businesses in multiple categories.

When learning of the People’s Choice Award, Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC had this to say:


Jerry Snell, Owner

“It’s a great honor, and we’re humbled. This award is particularly special since the nominations come from our customers and community at large. I personally wish to thank our dedicated team who work hard every day making sure our customers receive the service they expect.”



Read about the 2019 Winners.

The Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards honors the top businesses in Sarpy County, as voted by YOU, readers of the Nebraska local newspapers such as the Suburban Newspapers, the Omaha World-Herald, and 

Thank You! We appreciate it.

Furnace Maintenance & How to Hire Quality Company

Homeowner Tips for Furnace Maintenance

(Omaha / Bellevue, NEBRASKA) —  To prevent furnace heating problems caused by neglect, our Omaha / Bellevue Nebraska heating & cooling company recommends homeowners schedule annual furnace maintenance tune-ups. Be advised. Not all contractors are the same. It’s important for homeowners to ask the right questions, when choosing a local HVAC contractor for seasonal checkups.

Why should I perform preventive maintenance?

Your furnace works incredibly hard to generate heat to your household. The system requires proper care and maintenance to not only maximize its life-span & minimize utility costs, but to prevent failures, and detect safety risks. 

Scrutinize Ads Offering Cheap HVAC Checkups
Preventative maintenance by an industry-certified Nebraska HVAC contractor can uncover rust, invisible cracks, leaks, soot, frayed wires and corroded connections. Homeowner tip. Not all furnace check ups are equal. Homeowners may want to ask key questions before responding to an advertisement offering low-priced furnace maintenance. Some tune-ups fall short, and fail to comply with industry-recognized standard residential furnace maintenance practices. 

Make Sure Furnace Tech Uses Combustion Analyzer
Make sure the HVAC technician uses a combustion analyzer, a pricey instrument which calculates furnace efficiency by measuring gasses in the exhaust flue. The portable tool calculates combustion efficiency, flue temps, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and trace levels of harmful gases like carbon monoxide (odorless, colorless, tasteless gas) that a standard CO detector is not built to detect. image combustion analyser

For instance. Visual inspections alone may not detect problematic pinhole leaks or small corrosion-caused cracks with the heat exchanger, a common source of carbon monoxide poisoning. A combustion analyzer does.

Verify HVAC Meets State / City Requirements
Before you hire a local heating company, look for a certified, bonded, insured, and Nebraska-registered HVAC contractor. If you are unaware, “Nebraska does not have a specific contracting license required for HVAC work” according to, but all building contractors must obtain a general state contracting license via the Nebraska Department of Labor.

Check City Website to Validate HVAC Contractor License
Municipalities, however, have specific licensing requirements for heating and air conditioning techs & contractors. The info is typically available to consumers online at your city’s official website.
In Omaha, go here to run a license
search.  Search Nebraska Dept of Labor

The furnace technician should be running a series of tasks during the appointment:

– Clean blower compartment
– Clean & adjust burners
– Run Combustion Analyzer
– Inspect and tighten wiring & connections
– Inspect heat exchanger
– Inspect gas pressure & flame
– Check igniter or pilot light (older furnaces)
– Inspect airflow connections
– Test Thermostat
– Check air filter, replace if necessary

Homeowner Tasks to Keep Furnace / Air Quality Comfy
In addition to scheduling annual furnace check ups with a qualified HVAC contractor, be sure to do your part:
– Replace filters once a month
– Vacuum floor registers which collect dirt, dust, pet hair and other household stuff
– Test CO alarm batteries icon 24-hour-furnace-repair-omaha-bellevue

Preventative maintenance can keep your furnace running right all winter. However. Should problems arise, don’t despair. Snell Heating and AC offers 24-hour furnace repairs in Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Waterloo, Offutt Air Force Base, Ashland, and Gretna, Nebraska.

Call us at 402-332-3531

Service to the Highest Degree is our slogan. We mean it. Since 1998, Snell Heating and AC has provided residential / commercial furnace repair, maintenance, installation and replacement services. We recommend homeowners schedule twice-per-year checkups of your residential heating and cooling system.
Research / Copy courtesy of Susan Stern

Mexico Police: Propane Gas Killed Iowa Family

Officials: Iowa family died of Gas Asphyxiation at Mexican Resort

Video Credit: Des Moines Register


Credit: Facebook. Sharp Family of Creston Iowa

April 9, 2018 – By Susan Stern – Propane gas from a faulty water heater

More details on the death investigation of an Iowa family vacationing at a resort in Akumal, Mexico. A police investigator told the Des Moines Register “initial autopsy results” show Kevin and his wife Amy, and their children Sterling and Adriana Sharp of Creston were asphyxiated by “propane” gas from a “faulty water heater that had rusted in the humid Caribbean climate.”

Chris Martinez, the lead investigator for the Fiscalia General Office in Tulum told the Register the laundry room in the condo where the water heater was located had “no ventilation whatsoever.” When detectives took apart the water heater, he was quoted, “rust had corrupted the device.”

Martínez also told the Register there was never an active fire, but the water heater malfunction stained the walls and ceiling with black marks.

Source: Water Heater inside rented condo. Mexico authorities via ReutersTV

A welfare check requested by relatives in Iowa led Mexico police to the bodies of the Sharp family who were found on March 23 inside their condo located at the luxury Tao Mexico resort in Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Final autopsy results are pending, said the Register.

Mexico Widely Uses Propane (LPG) to Heat Water
Most homes in Mexico use propane gas for hot water heating, writes civil engineer J. Brad Grieve in an article posted at “This is not natural gas, but a mixture of propane and butane gas (called LPG: liquefied petroleum gas)..a petroleum byproduct that burns hotter and is slightly more expensive than natural gas,” he said.


Resort location in Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico     where the Sharp family was vacationing

In its natural state, LPG is “odorless and scentless.” To serving as a safety warning of a leak, Grieve said a rotten smelling odorant called Mercaptan is added to LPG fuel sold in Mexico.

LPG and Propane are Asphyxiants
Very high concentrations of LPG and propane can cut off oxygen in the air and to the body, and breathing of oxygen-depleted air can lead to death by asphyxiation (suffocation) according to the New Jersey Department of Health Fact Sheet. Both gases are flammable.

Health Risks to People & Pets
“Exposure to high levels of propane can cause cardiac arrest, incapacitation, unconsciousness, or seizures. Direct skin contact with liquid propane can cause frostbite, warns The US National Library of Medicine.

The Des Moines Register article declined to state if its reporters asked the Mexico police investigator whether the rented vacation condo where the Sharp family rented had a working propane gas detector.


Credit: Sensorcon Low Level CO Detector. Digital Display

US Travelers Should Take Precautions 
If you plan to travel to Mexico and other regions of the world where propane or LPG is widely used for hot water heating and cooking, US residents may want to consider purchasing a portable propane/LPG gas detector alarm, as a precaution.

Travel With Portable CO Monitor
Snell Heating and AC of Gretna HVAC owner Jerry Snell also recommends travelers buy a portable low-level carbon monoxide monitor that will alert you in real-time to dangerous CO levels starting at 5 ppm (parts per million of pollutant).

“Store-bought detectors don’t alarm until unsafe levels of 70 ppm or higher are present at the unit for 3-1/2 hours! By then, it may be too late,” notes Snell.


Jerry Snell, Owner of Snell Heating and AC, Gretna NE

Short-term and long-term exposure to – low levels of CO – can be harmful to health, as below chart shows.

Credit: National Comfort Institute

“Low concentrations of carbon monoxide – that only a low-level CO monitor is built to detect – can severely impact the health of infants, pregnant women, and people with physical conditions that limit their body’s ability to use oxygen (i.e. emphysema, asthma, heart disease) warns the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association in Maryland.

UL-Listed CO Detectors Inadequate
The Underwriter Lab certification found on CO detectors sold at hardware stores gives a false sense of security. The problem with UL listed alarms is that they’re meant to offer protection to healthy adults during very high levels of CO in a home’s air, and are incapable of warning you of dangerously low carbon monoxide fumes. In fact, the UL certified carbon monoxide alarms are unable to sense CO fumes under 30 ppm.

So when does a UL-listed CO detector sound an alarm, and how much CO can be in the air, for how long?

  • 30 ppm for up to 30 days
  • 70 ppm for up to 4 hours
  • 150 ppm for up to 50 minutes
  • 400 ppm for up to 15 minutes

Low-Level CO monitors, on the other hand, display in real-time carbon monoxide levels as low as 5 ppm, and sound an alarm at 15 ppm. This gives people time to open windows to create more ventilation, and the opportunity to call a licensed contractor to investigate the source of the CO.

Danger of CO Poisoning Real
Carbon monoxide is a “by-product of combustion, present whenever fuel is burned. It is produced by common home appliances, such as gas or oil furnaces, gas refrigerators, gas clothes dryers, gas ranges, gas water heaters or space heaters, fireplaces, charcoal grills, and wood burning stoves,” states Iowa State University Extension.

If a home is vented properly and is free from appliance malfunctions, carbon monoxide will most likely be safely vented to the outside. Faulty appliances operating in enclosed spaces without adequate venting can build up CO fumes and poison people and animals who breathe it.

Annual Appliance Check Ups Necessary
A qualified technician, trained to spot malfunctioning appliances, should be hired to clean and inspect fuel-powered appliances each year.

Since you cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide, gas companies typically add a foul-smelling additive called Mercaptan to natural gas, propane and LPG to make it easier to detect gas leaks.

Symptoms of CO Poisoning Resemble Flu
The CDC reports that CO poisoning, often described as “flu-like,” replaces oxygen causing headache, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. As levels increase, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to loss of consciousness, brain damage or death.

Combustible Gas Detection Alarms Recommended
Investing in a portable CO detector and a propane/LPG detector alarm are smart options to consider to keep your family safe at home and while traveling.

Additional References
Propane Gas Association of New England
Tox Town
Low Level Portable CO Monitor
CO Experts – Where to Buy


Mexico Officials: Iowa Family Deaths Linked to Leaky Water Heater

Water Heater Gas Leak Linked to Iowa Family Deaths at Mexico Resort


Click to View Spanish and English Translation of News Release

(Mexico City) —  A southwest Iowa family of four, killed after inhaling toxic gas linked to a faulty water heater inside their rented condo in Mexico, were laid to rest in their hometown over the weekend reports the Creston News Advertiser.


Credit: Facebook Sharp Family of Creston Iowa

Dead are Kevin, 41, Amy, 38, Sterling, 12, and Adrianna Sharp, age 7.

Mexico authorities say autopsies confirmed toxic gas asphyxiation. Police in the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo discovered the bodies of the family of four on March 23, after relatives became concerned when they didn’t return to Iowa on their scheduled arrival date, reports the Des Moines Register.

Lead Prosecutor Miguel Angel Pech told reporters that the water heater was leaking “a high level” of toxic gas, “maybe from use or lack of maintenance.” The fuel type was not publicly released pending lab results. Although, it is believed that the fuel type would be natural gas or propane (contains CO in liquid form).

This tragic story illustrates why homeowners and rental property managers should commit to annual maintenance of fuel-burning appliances like water heaters, furnaces, gas fireplaces and ovens. During check ups, a licensed technician cleans, inspects and run diagnostic safety checks to make sure everything is properly working.


Credit: Quintana Roo Prosecutors Office via AP. Firefighter examines a gas stove in the rented condo where an Iowa couple and their two children died in Tulum, Mexico.

Portable CO Monitor for Travel
Secondly, you may want to consider purchasing a portable low-level CO monitor for travel. While this suggestion may seem far-fetched to some, the deaths of the Iowa family of four vacationing at a Mexico condo, might suggest otherwise.

How can travelers be certain that appliances inside their vacation rental in foreign countries and here in the USA have been properly maintained? You cannot.

Consider Buying A Portable CO Monitor
Snell Heating and AC of Gretna, Nebraska suggests the purchase of a portable low-level carbon monoxide monitor that gives real-time digital readings, and sounds an alarm when it detects potentially life threatening CO levels at 35 ppm (parts per million). You can find a low-level CO portable CO monitor at online sites like Amazon.

Disclaimer. (Snell does not endorse the product shown at the link. It is being shared for informational purposes only.)

To learn more about safer CO protection while traveling and at homes, contact Snell Heating and AC. Serving the greater Omaha, Bellevue metro areas.


Next Article –
Why Homeowners Should Install Low-Level CO Monitors

Sarpy County’s Peoples Choice 2017 – Thanks

Snell Heating and AC Gretna – Humbled for Recognition

Susan Stern Marketing PR Consultant Omaha Nebraska USABy Susan Stern
November 25, 2017

Jerry Snell, Owner, Snell Heating and AC Gretna, Nebraska

award-sarpy-county-peoples-choice-2017-best-hvac-snell(GRETNA, Nebraska) —  Thank You! Snell Heating and AC is pleased that residents of Sarpy County, participating in the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, chose Snell – as one of the top three residential/commercial HVAC contractors in the Omaha metro of Sarpy County, Nebraska: Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Gretna, Springfield and at Offutt.

Gretna NE HVAC Company Honored

“We appreciate hearing that our customers are pleased with the work we do. As always, we thank you for your business,” says owner Jerry Snell of Gretna.

Group-Shot - Sarpy-County-Peoples-choice-award-2017

Credit: Group Photo.

Residential, Commercial Heating and Cooling Customers

For all your home or office heating and cooling needs in the Omaha, Bellevue, Gretna NE metro. Snell Heating and AC  is the one to call. Sales, installation and maintenance:

Furnace | Gas or Electric
Air Conditioning systems
Smart Thermostat – Get Connected!
Air Purifier
Heat Pump
Geothermal Units
Customer Care Service Agreement

24 hour emergency furnace repairs omaha neb24-hour emergency Bellevue Neb metro heating and cooling repairs.  A+BBB

Call us. 402-332-3531 
call omaha heating and cooling company




Snell Heating and AC.  Service to the Highest Degree!

Schedule Furnace Check Call: 402-332-3531

Snell Heating and AC. Your Omaha furnace repair company, 24-hour emergency repairs, crisscrossing the Omaha NE metro:  Elkhorn, Waterloo, Valley, Gretna, Springfield, Ashland, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, and Offutt Air Force Base. Snell is a reputable heating and cooling company.

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FYI. Furnace Needs TLC – ASAP

Time For Friendly Fall Furnace Inspection

Susan Stern Marketing PR Consultant Omaha Nebraska USABy Susan Stern


Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC Inspects furnace at northwest Omaha home

(GRETNA, Nebraska)  – Fall is in full swing, and before you fire up the furnace –  take a few minutes to call Snell Heating and AC, today.  Dial : 402-332-3531

With October here, you betcha that now is the ideal time to schedule fall furnace maintenance service in the Omaha, Bellevue and Gretna metro. Inspect to help protect. Clean the machine. Test to keep it working the best. Snell recommends an annual furnace inspection.


Jerry Snell, Owner

“Lack of maintenance is often the reason why a furnace stops functioning in the winter. During your fall service check, we take a close look at your equipment, run diagnostics, and clean the components,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC.

Furnace Testing & Cleaning 

A Snell technician looks for cracks and other telltale red flags. Burners and the assembly are removed, inspected and cleaned. Temperature levels are verified, gas pressure testing is done, and your Snell pro will look for the “silent killer” known as carbon monoxide.

alt=" "Beware of Some Furnace “Offers”

It’s not right, and consumers might not be aware. But when you’re in the HVAC business, you hear stories about what some local companies do for “furnace maintenance.” Typically, the service is advertised for a low rate, and the result is below industry standards – i.e., an incomplete job.

“They simply clean the furnace, hand over the bill, and they’re done,” remarks owner Jerry Snell.

Other unscrupulous heating and air companies in the Omaha metro advertise an ultra-cheap rate, then up-sell “extra” maintenance services during the visit.

man-sets-thermostat-omaha-hvac-inspectionsSnell’s ‘Full’ Furnace Check

Independently-Owned Snell Heating and AC goes above and beyond, giving each residential and commercial customer what they expect – complete and comprehensive furnace maintenance. Snell runs the much-needed combustion check – a task some HVAC companies blow off. The test tells Snell techs how clean and efficient a furnace performs, and if operating within manufacturer specifications.

Here’s a friendly customer tip –  to keep the warranty valid, most furnace makers require annual inspections and proof of documentation. 

DIY Tips Before Furnace Appointment

While you await the  scheduled appointment with Snell, homeowners and office staff can get proactive too:

  1. Set a mobile alert monthly to change furnace filter
  2. Sweep up debris around the furnace
  3. Clean air vents with a hose vacuum
  4. Get ducts cleaned
  5. Program thermostat based on your lifestyle
  6. Seal leaks by doors and windows
  7. Buy a carbon monoxide detector
  8. For allergy sufferers, ask Snell to install an air purifier 

Remember. Annual furnace maintenance is the single most important action to take – to keep the system efficient and long-lasting.

Save $ – Sign Up for Annual System Care

Save money. Priority Scheduling. 15% OFF Repairs. Twice-Annual Checkups. The best deal for your dollar is signing up for Snell’s Annual Customer Care Agreement.  We’ll contact you as a reminder to schedule service diagnostics and cleaning:  spring for the AC, and in the fall for furnace maintenance.

 Circle pic Rita Snell Owner HVAC Company

Interested in bi-annual customer care savings?

Reach Out.

Call : 402-332-3531

As our tagline goes…
Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree! 

img - omaha furnace repair check

Sarpy County Peoples Choice Award Winner for HVAC Snell

High Quality. No Shortcuts. Happy Clients.

Gretna Neb based Snell Heating and Air is one of the best choices for home and commercial property HVAC services. Jerry Snell and his crew treat each customer right.  In business since 1998, Snell is the one to call for affordable fall furnace maintenance, 24-hour emergency repairs in Omaha and beyond. Time to replace?  Snell is where to go in Omaha to buy a furnace, and to ensure comfort.

Happy clients +  A+ BBB rated.

Friendly customer service.  Schedule Appointment Online Now.

Snell Heating and AC.  Service to the Highest Degree!

Schedule Furnace Check Call: 402-332-3531

Snell Heating and AC. Your Omaha furnace repair company, 24-hour emergency repairs, crisscrossing the Omaha NE metro map:  Gretna, Ashland, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, and Offutt Air Force Base for reputable heating and cooling services. 

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HVAC Contractor Rides Tech Wave – Sells Smart Thermostat

Local HVAC Company Diversifies into Home Automation

June 2, 2017
By Susan Stern

Smart Thermostat – Nexia-Enabled

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) – As home and office automation nears mainstream, Snell Heating and AC of Gretna is proud to announce an addition to its product list – the Nexia-enabled smart thermostat.

“We’ve come a long way baby,” quips Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC, referring to how home automation is changing the HVAC industry. Adding a connected Nexia-enabled thermostat to his company’s product list seems like a natural fit.

The platform allows you to remotely monitor and control your heating, cooling, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, air purification and heat pump systems – via a free iOS, Android, or Windows smart phone app, PC, Mac and tablet – anywhere there’s internet.

The smart thermostat uses the widely-adopted, next generation Z-Wave technology.




Todd Linder, American Standard Territory Manager, O’Conner Company

Demand Rises For Smart Thermostats

Snell’s heating and cooling company is getting a lot of customer calls – asking about smart thermostats. Most inquiries come from technology-focused people and snowbirds – folks who leave Nebraska for the winter. “Remote monitoring/control gives them peace of mind while out-of-state,” says Snell, who acknowledges that demand is headed toward the mainstream.

In fact, people dubbed Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2004, actually expect connect-ability, Snell’s product distributor tells us:

“As the internet of things (IOT) expand, and more devices connect in your home and office, a millennial, raised with technology in their hand, expect to control most things in their world,” mentions Todd Linder, Nebraska territory manager for the O’Conner Company.

Interest in smart thermostats is reaching multiple generations.

“Even my stepfather, who is in his 70s, not a snowbird or a techie, installed a smart thermostat to control his heat pump. He knows that home automation is the direction all things are headed,” says Linder.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Serves as Hub

Adding a Nexia-enabled smart thermostat can be your first step toward home/office automation – since the device serves as a bridge, brain or hub that connects multiple devices. The thermostat itself gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control heating/cooling via smart phone app, tablet or computer.

The thermostat also connects over 200 devices through it – like security, lights, door locks, cameras and more – compatible with a variety of brands. See for yourself.

Thermostat Connects 200+ Devices 

Click to Zoom In – App

“My boss uses the Nexia-enabled smart thermostat as a built-in bridge to connect a variety of devices including door locks and cameras,” says Linder.  He can set an entry code for his teen daughter. It time stamps her coming and going, video records the activity, while instantly sending him a text alert that she is home safe.

Unique one-time door entrance codes may be set for contractors, and codes can be created for a cleaning company or dog sitter.

Credit Z-Wave AllianceCredit: Z-Wave Alliance 


Jerry Snell, Owner, Snell Heating and AC Omaha

24/7 Diagnostic Alerts 

Beyond hub capabilities, monitoring and control, the Nexia smart thermostat offers much more. If something is amiss, both you and your trusted HVAC contractor receive a text and/or email notice.

Alerts can catch small problems before they worsen; potentially saving you dollars in repairs that might have gone undetected for too long. The notice specifies what may be wrong. Then, an appointment may be scheduled, and Snell Heating and AC can arrive at your doorstep, prepared with the correct part.

The smart thermostat’s diagnostic alert system app is offered – at no charge. A home owner or office manager – would need to agree – to opt-in. “We recommend you do so,” suggests Snell.

Credit: Michael Brown, Amazon’s Echo & Dot + Google Home – Voice Assistants

Intelligent Assistants Compatibility Soon

Can I command Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Tap, and Google Home to control the Nexia- smart thermostat?

In the near future, yes. For now, there are workarounds by using a third party applet called, with some limitations.

“Nexia is currently developing direct compatibility with these popular smart speakers, aka intelligent voice assistants. The functionality is due to hit the market any day,” says Linder.

Huh? What Are Voice Assistants?

Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo, Dot and Tap are software-enable smart speakers that enable users to speak voice commands to perform tasks or services. Turn on the lights. Play the latest news. Set alarms and more.

Smart Thermostat Not Plug and Play

Unlike a plethora of Nexia-compatible devices consumers buy at retailers and connect in a snap, the smart thermostat is designed solely for professional installation – not DIY.

Jerry Snell, Owner – Snell Heating and AC

Is My Furnace/AC System Compatible?

Most existing furnaces, AC, air purification, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilation and heat pump systems that folks already have in homes or offices work with smart thermostats, with some wiring retrofitting, notes Snell.

To be certain, schedule an appointment with your trusted HVAC company to take a look.

Privacy and Security 

Of course, protecting your privacy and security are top priorities to Snell Heating and AC during installation and service of the smart thermostat and app set up. “When our customers enter their WiFi password, we turn away our heads – that’s peace of mind,” emphasizes Snell.

App Privacy Assured

Another plus. Nexia is not a data mining company. “Nexia does not sell your private info to third parties,” says Snell.

HVAC Evolves – Snell Does Too

As the HVAC industry and society head toward home/office automation, it’s reassuring to know that: “we got you covered.” Snell says he and his crew receive education and training on the latest technology.

Get Connected Today

Affordability. Ease of use. Remote monitoring and control. Increased efficiency. Text/email error alerts. Hub connect-ability. For all these reasons, you’ll greatly benefit from installing a smart thermostat in your home or office.

Contact Snell Heating and AC today to learn more.  Schedule an appointment now.

Smart thermostats make life easier, and systems more efficient.

Call 402-332-3531

Industry News

News Release – Voice-enabled Technology’s Role in the HVAC Industry News Release
News Release – American Standard Wins Two ADEX Awards for Z-Wave Controllable HVAC
News Release – HVAC Contractors Can Lead Smart Home Revolution

Watch & Learn
Home/Office Automation

Rita & Jerry Snell, Owners, Snell Heating and AC

Snell Heating and AC serves the Omaha, Bellevue, La Vista, Papillion, Nebraska metro areas in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Based in Gretna, and founded in 1998 by husband and wife Jerry and Rita Snell, the family-run HVAC provider is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

As the company slogan goes, “Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree.”

Snell Heating and AC has earned an A+BBB, and was chosen as one of top three Sarpy County heating and cooling providers three-years-in-a-row: 2014-2016.


Home Comfort Your Family Expects It

(Gretna, NEBRASKA)  —  Home comfort. Your family expects it. Snell Heating & AC has you covered. Call Snell today. 402-332-3531.

Snell Heating and AC installs, services and repairs furnace and air conditioning, heat pumps, geothermal and air purification systems. Since 1998. A+ BBB rated. Recognized as one of the top three HVAC companies three-years-in-a-row from 2014-2016, referring to the Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards. Thank You for your confidence. We appreciate your business.

As our slogan goes, Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree!

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We are the one to call for Omaha metro furnace and air conditioning repairs.  Our HVAC company caters to residential/commercial customers in Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Ashland, Gretna, Offutt, and Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Call us.

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UV Light Technology To Reduces Allergens

UV Light Kills Most Air and Surface Germs

allergy-air-cleaners-omaha-neb(Gretna, NEBRASKA)  — Achoo! Watery eyes. Sniffles. Do you suffer from these symptoms?





We here at Snell Heating and AC, serving the Omaha, Bellevue metro area, have a solution for you!

Rita and Jerry Snell personally tested at their home an air purification technology called a germicidal UV light system that came highly recommended by their dealer.

The owners of Snell Heating and AC liked it so much that they decided to expand their HVAC product/service offerings to include two types of systems – one installed on the home ventilation system and one that is free-standing.

image-air-purifier-uv-light-omahaBoth products use what the manufacturer describes as “germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process” to reduce dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, paint fumes, cigarette smoke, burnt food smells – that cause irritation and allergy flare ups.

“We immediately noticed cleaner-smelling air. We also installed one in the home of a woman with ultra sensitivity to mold spores. She was happy as a clam,” notes Jerry Snell.


Source: Manufacturer

NASA Technology

Using “NASA ethylene-scrubbing technology, the device disseminates ‘friendly cleaners’ that kill airborne and surface pathogens in the air and on surfaces” like doorknobs.

The system Snell sells, cannot be found at the local hardware store, and is only available from qualified HVAC companies, via their authorized dealer.

Should I Be Concerned? Maybe Yes

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers. Indoor air quality can be two – five times (and even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst outside air. 

Studies Prove UV Light Effectiveness

Two studies, one in hospitals and the other in a commercial office building, prove UV light is effective in killing bacteria and mold sores.

  • Researchers at Duke University Medical Center used ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) to nearly eliminate drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms- reducing 97% of the bacteria. Source: Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America –  2012
  • Study found that UV light technology reduced fungal contamination in an office building’s air ventilation units. Source: Applied and Environmental Microbiology Journal. 2001.

So if you achoo often, and suffer from allergies or if house smells linger, consider a UV Light air purification system – installed on your furnace/AC or a free-standing version. Reasonable rates. Financing is available with approved credit.

Snell Heating and AC offers this exceptional UV Light NASA technology air purification system. Learn more by giving us a call, if you like.

call omaha heating and cooling companyCall us. 402-332-353124 hour emergency furnace repairs omaha neb

Omaha heating and cooling services schedule online appoint

coupon omaha heating and cooling company

furnace financing available omaha neb





Learn why Preventative Maintenance Agreement=Savings

Cost Competitor Analysis | Omaha Heating and Cooling Company



Bi-Annual Furnace/AC Maintenance Essential

Tips Direct from Snell Heating & AC Owner

By Jerry Snell, Owner
Edited by Susan Stern


Jerry Snell, Owner of Snell Heating & AC

(Gretna, NEBRASKA) — Regular and constant maintenance and service.  If you’re a homeowner, commercial business or property manager, these are the requirements to ensure your furnace and air conditioner  – your HVAC system operates safely and efficiently.

Maintenance = Valid Warranty

Here is a big, important one. Seasonal checkups keep valid a manufacturer’s warranty.  Plus, another benefit of bi-annual HVAC system service is year-round comfort for winter heating and summer cooling while filtering the air you breathe. You should consider bi-annual furnace and AC maintenance by Snell Heating & AC. We offer an annual plan, too, that saves you dollars.

You Have questions? We Have Answers.

The below topics are popular answers to questions or circumstances homeowners face. We frequently encounter these out-in-the-field:

1. Furnace air filter. This part stops and collects the dust, pollen and the air yuck.  Filters need to be regularly replaced, monthly. Many homeowners think that if ‘I buy the expensive pleated filters, that a manufacturer recommends, the filter will be good for 3 months. Certainly the air filter make knows what’s best.’  Nope. That is – wrong, wrong, wrong, Air filter companies cannot, do not, and would not know what is the correct option for your home HVAC system. When in doubt, please consider calling Snell Heating & AC, we are here to help.

2. No heat or cooling? Sometimes a simple fix. Is the thermostat turned on? Did you set it to the mode you seek, such as for heat or cooling? Did you turn the temperature down for cool or up for heat? Did you replace the door on the furnace when you replaced the furnace air filter? – we find this a lot. Oh, the darling kids, gotta love them. That said, did your children accidentally turn off the main furnace switch – another issue that crops up often.  Finally, is the breaker inside the main panel box turned off or, say, tripped? If yes, please try resetting it. Of course, should you still have zero heat or cooling – please call Snell Heating & AC.   402-332-3531

3. No cooling? Check AC Breaker in Panel Box, Step #1. Then, see if the outdoor disconnect is turned off. Turn them on, if needed.

4. No Air Flow From Vents – Yet I Hear System Run? If you see ice inside by the furnace or outside AC unit, better call Snell Heating & AC.

Snell Heating and AC is here to help you properly care for your HVAC system, morning, noon or night. We also can offer other answers during your bi-annual furnace and AC checkup.

For more information on how to maintain your home or office heating and cooling system in the Omaha metro, we at Snell Heating & AC are available at 402-332-353. Thank you for your time. 

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