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    Smart Thermostat

    You’ll greatly benefit from an affordable smart thermostat – as automated climate control heads toward the mainstream – like everything else – makes life easier, and systems more efficient.

    If you live in the Omaha, Bellevue, and Gretna, Nebraska metro areas, call Snell Heating and AC to buy the latest, smart thermostat technology that allows you to remotely control and monitor your home/office comfort system. Not just for techies, snowbirds or millenials – smart thermostats are heading toward the mainstream for use by everybody – in a big way.

    Potential benefits galore: reliability, affordability, improved efficiency, reduced energy usage, 24/7 diagnostics and operational alert notices. Simply put, smart thermostats make life easier.

    Remote Monitor Anywhere With WIFI

    The Nexia-enabled smart thermostat is one of the best on the market, using the most widely adopted, next generation Z-Wave home/office automation platform – that allows you to monitor and control your heating, cooling, ventilation, air purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier and heat pump with your iOS, Android, Windows smart phones app, PC, Mac and tablet while at the office, on vacation or anywhere with WIFI.

    24/7 Diagnostics Text Alerts

    It works like this. Both you and your heating and cooling company receive a text and/or email notice when something is amiss. Alerts can catch small problems before they worsen; potentially saving your dollars in repairs that went undetected for too long. The notice specifies what may be wrong. Then, an appointment can be set, and Snell Heating and AC can arrive at your doorstep, prepared with the correct part.  That’s a time-saver and peace of mind!

    Free Smart Thermostat App

    The smart thermostat’s diagnostic alert system app and alerts – cost zero. A home owner or office manager – would need to agree – to opt-in. “We recommend you do so,” notes Snell.

    Thermostat Automation Hub

    The thermostat serves as a hub, bridge or brain to remotely monitor and control heating/cooling/ventilation systems, and ability to connect 200+ Nexia-enabled devices like security, lights, cameras and more – from brands galore. Many are DIY, plug and play. Smart thermostats require professional installation by a licensed HVAC company. Snell Heating and AC is the one to call. 402-332-3531

    Credit Z-Wave Alliance

    Credit: Z-Wave Alliance

    Are My Furnace and AC Compatible?

    Most existing furnaces, AC, air purification, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilation and heat pump systems that folks already have in homes or offices work with smart thermostats, with some wiring retrofitting.

    To be sure, schedule an appointment with your trusted HVAC company to take a look.

    Smart Thermostat Advantages:

    • Built-in Nexia Bridge, the hub for 200+ Nexia compatible products
    • 3” color touchscreen
    • Create up to six daily heating and cooling schedules
    • Indoor relative humidity display
    • Upgradable software
    • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
    • 5-day weather forecast & weather radar*
    • Nexia Diagnostics compatible

    *Requires high speed router and an active Nexia account

    Intelligent Assistants Compatibility Soon

    Can I command Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Tap, and Google Home to control the Nexia- smart thermostat?

    In the near future, yes. For now, there are workarounds by using a third party applet called, with some limitations.

    “Nexia is currently developing direct compatibility with these popular smart speakers, aka intelligent voice assistants. The functionality is due to hit the market any day,” noted Linder, the distributor of Snell’s HVAC products.

    Huh? What Are Voice Assistants?
    Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo, Dot and Tap are software-enable smart speakers that enable users to speak voice commands to perform tasks or services. Turn on the lights. Play the latest news. Set alarms and more.

    Snell Protects Your Security
    Security is a top concern to both you and us. During installation, Snell Heating and AC technicians rely on you alone to enter your WIFI password. “We turn away our heads,” emphasized Snell.

    Smart Thermostat Privacy Protected

    Another plus. Nexia is not a data mining company. Snell said Nexia does not sell to third parties the personal info you enter to set up the smart thermostat app.

    In Snell You Can Trust

    We recommend you come to us to buy a smart thermostat in the Omaha, Bellevue, Ashland, Nebraska metro areas. Based in Gretna and founded in 1998 by Jerry and Rita Snell, we’re a family-run HVAC provider with an A+BBB, and awarded in 2014-2016 as one of top three Sarpy County heating and cooling providers.

    HVAC Evolves – Snell Does Too

    Customers like to know. We receive regular, continuing education on the latest heating, cooling and ventilation products we install, service and maintain – as industry and society evolve toward home/office automation. We got you covered!

    Get Smart Thermostat-Connected Today

    Schedule an appointment now to discuss the great benefits of smart thermostats that make life easier, and systems more efficient.

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