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Customer Care Service Agreement

Furnace AC Preventative Maintenance Plan

Your life is busy, busy. No worries. By signing up for our Customer Care Service Agreement, we’ll contact you by telephone for the bi-annual check ups of your furnace and air conditioning system. It’s the way to go – Snell Heating and Air’s furnace AC Preventative Maintenance Plan!

Annual Plan Protects Investment

Jerry Snell Omaha Heating and AC Company

Jerry Snell | Owner | Omaha Furnace and A/C Company

Just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance, so does your furnace and Air conditioning system. Snell’s furnace AC Preventative Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.

“For Omaha AC and Furnace service, we do more than go through a simple check list. We turn a wrench and tune,” said Jerry Snell.

Furnace Combustion Tests – Few Do

Unlike most Omaha heating and cooling companies, we much more during a service call. Snell Heating and AC runs a much-needed combustion test on your furnace to see how clean and efficient it performs. We make sure the furnace operates within manufacturer specifications. This helps keep the furnace warranty in effect. After all, most manufacturers require annual furnace inspections and service to maintain the warranty.

Big Ticket Item Care

Your heating and cooling unit shall receive 2 checkups per year, you get priority scheduling + %15 off repairs.   Learn more why Preventative Maintenance Agreement=Savings

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