Bi-Annual Furnace/AC Maintenance Essential

Tips Direct from Snell Heating & AC Owner

By Jerry Snell, Owner
Edited by Susan Stern


Jerry Snell, Owner of Snell Heating & AC

(Gretna, NEBRASKA) — Regular and constant maintenance and service.  If you’re a homeowner, commercial business or property manager, these are the requirements to ensure your furnace and air conditioner  – your HVAC system operates safely and efficiently.

Maintenance = Valid Warranty

Here is a big, important one. Seasonal checkups keep valid a manufacturer’s warranty.  Plus, another benefit of bi-annual HVAC system service is year-round comfort for winter heating and summer cooling while filtering the air you breathe. You should consider bi-annual furnace and AC maintenance by Snell Heating & AC. We offer an annual plan, too, that saves you dollars.

You Have questions? We Have Answers.

The below topics are popular answers to questions or circumstances homeowners face. We frequently encounter these out-in-the-field:

1. Furnace air filter. This part stops and collects the dust, pollen and the air yuck.  Filters need to be regularly replaced, monthly. Many homeowners think that if ‘I buy the expensive pleated filters, that a manufacturer recommends, the filter will be good for 3 months. Certainly the air filter make knows what’s best.’  Nope. That is – wrong, wrong, wrong, Air filter companies cannot, do not, and would not know what is the correct option for your home HVAC system. When in doubt, please consider calling Snell Heating & AC, we are here to help.

2. No heat or cooling? Sometimes a simple fix. Is the thermostat turned on? Did you set it to the mode you seek, such as for heat or cooling? Did you turn the temperature down for cool or up for heat? Did you replace the door on the furnace when you replaced the furnace air filter? – we find this a lot. Oh, the darling kids, gotta love them. That said, did your children accidentally turn off the main furnace switch – another issue that crops up often.  Finally, is the breaker inside the main panel box turned off or, say, tripped? If yes, please try resetting it. Of course, should you still have zero heat or cooling – please call Snell Heating & AC.   402-332-3531

3. No cooling? Check AC Breaker in Panel Box, Step #1. Then, see if the outdoor disconnect is turned off. Turn them on, if needed.

4. No Air Flow From Vents – Yet I Hear System Run? If you see ice inside by the furnace or outside AC unit, better call Snell Heating & AC.

Snell Heating and AC is here to help you properly care for your HVAC system, morning, noon or night. We also can offer other answers during your bi-annual furnace and AC checkup.

For more information on how to maintain your home or office heating and cooling system in the Omaha metro, we at Snell Heating & AC are available at 402-332-353. Thank you for your time. 

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