December Tips for Homeowners

omaha furnace repairs snell ad 2016 holidaysHoliday/Winter Tips From Snell

Snell Heating and AC, your Omaha metro furnace and air conditioning contractor offers tips on maintaining home comfort during Nebraska’s cold winter snap, during the holidays and beyond.

Keep Open Registers
Keep all registers open, do not close them, because you can run the chance of over heating the furnace. The heat has to get OUT of the furnace.

Call Local HVAC Humidifier Service
Humidifiers, get them serviced! The water panels can lime up and mold can grow.

“Bad, very bad things can happen to a humidifier that is not serviced at least once per year. Also, DO NOT open the water valve wide open, this can cause the humidifier to over flow and possibly cause water damage to your furnace or belongings. Remember, any water exiting the drain hose is a waste, minimize this by turning the water flow down,” emphasizes Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC, an HVAC company based in Gretna, Nebraska.

Rita and Jerry Snell, Owner/Operators Wish You Safe & Happy Holidays!

Replace Air Filter Monthly
Air filters, the more expensive is not always better. We recommend replacing the filter MONTHLY. Also, if you replace the air filter, you can save yourself some money by purchasing a less dense AKA cheap filter. Another tip. Spray the inlet side of the filter with a filter coating spray, OR use your in-home dusting/cleaning spray. Please don’t soak the air filter with the spray because a soaked filter will collect dust, dirt and other particles.

“Oh, did I mention service? Make sure your home is safe and comfortable this season, by having your furnace system serviced,” notes Snell.

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