Tips To Lower Electric Bill

Omaha Electric Bill Saving Tips

If you’re noticing too high electric bills, our Omaha Heating and Air Conditioning company wants to help you trouble-shoot. Many reasons for high electric bills relate to the way you use your home electricity. But first here’s some stats to sink your teeth in. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) gives us a breakdown on how the average homeowner uses energy:

  • 41% was for heating our homes.
  • 34% was for appliances.
  • 17% was for water heating.
  • 6% was for air conditioning.

Keeping Appliances Plugged In

In these days of modern technology, many of us do not realize that computers, DVRs, televisions and the like draw electricity when turned off. This is because modern appliances often transition into a standby mode that still eats up electricity. Coffeemakers, microwave ovens and stove tops need power to keep time while turned off. Consider unplugging the coffeemaker.

Energy Hog Tips

There’s no why around energy sappers like clothes washers and dryers, and dishwashers that use up a lot of energy. The average American household does about 400 loads a year and 40 gallons of water per load. The solution to reduce energy use is to fill dish and clothes washers to capacity and choose low heat for drying.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

A common energy vampire is running a ceiling fan when you’re not in the room. Ceiling fans use up a lot of energy. Based on the season, winter or summer, make sure you adjust the fan to manufacturer specifications.  Likewise, only use lighting in rooms that are being used. Another tip. Get rid of any inefficient incandescent light bulbs and replace with energy-efficient CFL bulbs. It’s always good to be reminded. Consider getting into the habit of turning off lights when no one is using them.

Old Appliances Eat Up Energy

Don’t be surprised if your old refrigerator, dryer and oven cause cause high monthly energy bills. Old appliances were not built to be energy-efficient like the models on the market today. Consider upgrading appliances to save dollars.

Tech Charging Frenzy

Cell phones. Tablets. Laptops. I-pods. Cameras. You name it. With all the technological gadgets and devices we own, it’s no wonder electric bills seem high. Simply by plugging in these things, you’re using up energy. Do a walk around your home.Unplug devices that are done charging.  Turn off your desktop at night before bed including the printer. These tips may save you plenty of dollars.

HVAC Upgrades

An old furnace or air conditioning system (10-15 years’ old) also can suck a lot of energy that could be saved by purchasing a more energy-efficient newer model. Call Snell Heating and Air Conditioning in Omaha, Nebraska for a quote, service and replacement. We understand the importance of saving money on utility bills. With these above tips, we hope we’ve helped!

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