Q&A Does My Home Need a Humidifier?

(Gretna, NEBRASKA)  — Snell Heating & AC, a 5-star Google and BBB-rated heating and air conditioning company serving Gretna, Omaha and surrounding areas, including Bellevue, La Vista, Offutt, Papillion, Springfield, Ashland and the metro area, is here to answer consumer questions about home comfort systems. We replied to a question on Nextdoor.com, an invitation-only neighborhood social media platform where people ask for service provider referrals.

Question: What are your thoughts on having a humidifier added to your system?

Answer:  Snell Heating & AC’s Owner Jerry Snell replied:

A humidifier is an accessory that can help you and home feel more comfortable. Whenever I’m asked should I or do I need a humidifier I like to ask a few questions that will direct “us” to the correct answer.

1. Is your home dry during the winter?
2. Do your kids scoot across the carpet and shock each other?
3. Do you get shocked when you reach for a light switch?
4. Is your wood floor, wood molding, wood trim and cabinets joints opening up or splitting causing gaps?
5. Is your skin and or scalp extra dry and itchy?
6. Do you have more sinus infections than normal?
7. Is your throat dry and scratchy?

If your answer is yes to a majority of these questions, then yes, your home should have a central humidifier installed on the central heating system.  humidifier-omaha-snell

For more information on buying a humidifier in the Omaha metro, please call Snell Heating & AC at 402-332-3531 


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