AC Repair Calls Up – Omaha Heat Wave

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Reports Uptick in Calls

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) —  With temperatures baking the metro for weeks, the heat wave hitting the area takes a toll on home and office air conditioners. Omaha AC repair companies report working overtime to keep up with the high demand for service repairs.

“We are getting swamped with calls and have been from June through now,” notes Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC in Gretna, an ac repair company serving the Omaha area.

There are many reasons why your AC unit stops working properly from a refrigerant leak to malfunctioning electrical components – system failures that would be spotted during seasonal checkups.

Regular Maintenance is key. Just like your car, your home or office air conditioning system needs service checkups that not only diagnose problems, but clean components including your outdoor AC unit.

Hose Down AC Unit. Cottonwood, grass clippings and other outdoor debris often accumulate. Clearing debris keeps system working more efficiently.

Change HVAC Filters Monthly. Air filters need to be swapped out every 30 days. Dirty filters make system work harder.

Keep Blinds & Curtains Closed. Do whatever you can to keep heat out.

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