10 Fall Home Prep Tips

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Summer is over. With Nebraska’s weather cooling down for fall, now is a great time to tackle your home maintenance to-do list to protect your wallet and property investment, courtesy of our Omaha heating and air conditioning company – Snell Heating and AC™.

Inspect Home’s Exterior

Our main recommendation to homeowners, as heating and cooling contractors in Omaha Nebraska, is to closely examine your home’s exterior and make necessary repairs – key to prevent weather-triggered damage that may be preventable.

Tip # 1: Caulking caulking furnace repair company omaha ne

You’ll want to fill up cracks and gaps with caulk to prevent water leakage, cold air seepage, mold and foundation cracks. Water that gets into spaces around windows and doors can freeze and rot window sills and trigger mold damage. Cold air slipping through will, without a doubt, trigger a less efficient heating system and higher energy bills.

Tip # 2: Look for Peeling Paint

The most common cause of peeling paint is water, Moisture from inside or outside the home may cause siding and window sills to rot, and paint peel or blister. To diagnose the source, look for leaks in the walls, roof or gutters that may need to be replaced. Repair and re-paint.

Tip # 3: Inspect Roof

Roof-wise, missing or loose shingles can cause water damage, including ruining wood, drywall and insulation. Any damage can negatively impact heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical.

Tip #4: Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts with water should be on any homeowner’s to-do list at least twice a year especially during the fall. Trees near your home may drop a heck of a lot of leaves that clog gutters. If left filled with gunk, the clog may cause ice dams during the winter and potentially costly damage.

Tip #5: Check Garage Seal & Driveway Cracks

Inspect and make sure the seal between your garage door and ground is tight. A tight seal keeps cold air out. Check out the driveway for cracks and repair with driveway filler and commercial sealer.

Tip # 6: Call Omaha Furnace Repair Company

Our Omaha furnace repair company recommends you outsource your heating system to a licensed HVAC company like us to thoroughly inspect your system.

Tip# 7: Caulk and Seal Inside

Inside your home, you’ll want to caulk and weather strip windows and doors to seal air leaks to protect your pocketbook from unnecessarily high energy bills and to keep your furnace working efficiently.

furnace repair in omaha nebTip# 8: Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

It’s a simple task that some homeowner’s sometimes forget. During the fall/winter, fans should run clockwise to pull up air to the ceiling while forcing hot air downward. In the summer, fans should operate counter-clockwise.

Tip #9: Clean Humidifier

The purpose of a humidifier is to keep air comfy and not dry, but regular maintenance is necessary. Fall is a great time to clean a humidifier to get rid of a dirty water tank that can lead to bacteria and spores circulating into the indoor air – especially a problem for allergy sufferers.

Tip #10: Change Furnace Filter

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It’s nice to be reminded to change your furnace filter monthly. You are welcome. If you do not, dust, particles and allergens muck up the filter. If dirty, your furnace will work less efficiently and could potentially break down causing costly problems that are indeed preventable. Swapping out a furnace filter each month is especially important for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory issues.

We hope this fall home prep checklist is helpful! Our Omaha furnace repair company is here to serve homeowners with HVAC services and do-it-yourself tips. Bottom line, you’ll protect your investment and save dollars on your heating bills with regular home maintenance.

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For more fall home maintenance tips or to have a professional inspect your HVAC system, contact Snell Heating and AC™ in Omaha Nebraska. Based in Gretna, our furnace repair company serves the metro including Omaha, Elkhorn, Valley, Ashland, Bellevue, La Vista and Papillion.

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Written by Susan Stern

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