Why You Need Regular AC Maintenance

Omaha NE Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Tip#1

You’ve heard it before. We’re sending a friendly reminder again as another sizzling Nebraska summer approaches. Our Omaha Air Conditioning maintenance company recommends yearly AC check ups, diagnostics, cleaning and maintenance. Yes, it is something to put on the “to do” list, perhaps. Fortunately, our-family-run HVAC company is easy to reach.

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Annual AC check ups are recommended to maintain the life of your investment. Keep utility costs in check.

In Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance from Snell Heating and Cooling makes sure your AC is ready for summer striving for maximum efficiency.  Our air conditioning technicians have the necessary skills to make certain your cooling system operates right.

Why Regular AC Maintenance Is a Necessity

Just like you are recommended to visit your doctor for an annual exam, we suggest a yearly air conditioning check up. This is a great time to catch any potential repair needs. Maintenance = prevention and wellness in heating and cooling, too. We also do the dirty work. So, you do not have to remove grime, leaves and dirt from units – like cleaning the coils and the undercarriage, as the AC system to the right desperately needs!

Maintenance also can spot a potential problem early enough to avoid more expensive repairs. That’s a good thing. Just like a blood test at the doctor can
discover issues in your health, our diagnostic check ups spot potential problems early on.

Ensure long system lifespan

Air conditioning systems tend to have a manufacturer’s lifespan of about up to 15 years or so provided regular maintenance is done. Neglecting service for tune ups tends to shorten the AC’s life, we have found. No one wants to prematurely be forced to replace the air conditioning system due to lack of care, right? Call us. We will run through a thorough check list of diagnostics, cleaning and maintenance you will rarely find from our competition.

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When you sign up for our annual Snell Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance plan, that we call the “Customer Care Service Agreement” you will receive twice-per-year service calls for your AC and furnace. That’s peace of mind, we think.  You also earn VIP or “Front of the Line Service” during busy, peak times of the year! Plus, under the plan, you’ll save dollars should you need repairs or replacement.

Put your trust in us for home & office, Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance company. We are family-owned. Not a franchise. We do not upsell or inflate. Customer service is our priority.

As our slogan goes, Snell Heating and AC – Service to the Highest Degree! 

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