HVAC Contractor Rides Tech Wave – Sells Smart Thermostat

Local HVAC Company Diversifies into Home Automation

June 2, 2017
By Susan Stern

Smart Thermostat – Nexia-Enabled

(Omaha, NEBRASKA) – As home and office automation nears mainstream, Snell Heating and AC of Gretna is proud to announce an addition to its product list – the Nexia-enabled smart thermostat.

“We’ve come a long way baby,” quips Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC, referring to how home automation is changing the HVAC industry. Adding a connected Nexia-enabled thermostat to his company’s product list seems like a natural fit.

The platform allows you to remotely monitor and control your heating, cooling, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, air purification and heat pump systems – via a free iOS, Android, or Windows smart phone app, PC, Mac and tablet – anywhere there’s internet.

The smart thermostat uses the widely-adopted, next generation Z-Wave technology.


Credit: Z-Wave.com


Todd Linder, American Standard Territory Manager, O’Conner Company

Demand Rises For Smart Thermostats

Snell’s heating and cooling company is getting a lot of customer calls – asking about smart thermostats. Most inquiries come from technology-focused people and snowbirds – folks who leave Nebraska for the winter. “Remote monitoring/control gives them peace of mind while out-of-state,” says Snell, who acknowledges that demand is headed toward the mainstream.

In fact, people dubbed Generation Y, born between 1982 and 2004, actually expect connect-ability, Snell’s product distributor tells us:

“As the internet of things (IOT) expand, and more devices connect in your home and office, a millennial, raised with technology in their hand, expect to control most things in their world,” mentions Todd Linder, Nebraska territory manager for the O’Conner Company.

Interest in smart thermostats is reaching multiple generations.

“Even my stepfather, who is in his 70s, not a snowbird or a techie, installed a smart thermostat to control his heat pump. He knows that home automation is the direction all things are headed,” says Linder.

Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Serves as Hub

Adding a Nexia-enabled smart thermostat can be your first step toward home/office automation – since the device serves as a bridge, brain or hub that connects multiple devices. The thermostat itself gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control heating/cooling via smart phone app, tablet or computer.

The thermostat also connects over 200 devices through it – like security, lights, door locks, cameras and more – compatible with a variety of brands. See for yourself.

Thermostat Connects 200+ Devices 

Click to Zoom In – App

“My boss uses the Nexia-enabled smart thermostat as a built-in bridge to connect a variety of devices including door locks and cameras,” says Linder.  He can set an entry code for his teen daughter. It time stamps her coming and going, video records the activity, while instantly sending him a text alert that she is home safe.

Unique one-time door entrance codes may be set for contractors, and codes can be created for a cleaning company or dog sitter.

Credit Z-Wave AllianceCredit: Z-Wave Alliance 


Jerry Snell, Owner, Snell Heating and AC Omaha

24/7 Diagnostic Alerts 

Beyond hub capabilities, monitoring and control, the Nexia smart thermostat offers much more. If something is amiss, both you and your trusted HVAC contractor receive a text and/or email notice.

Alerts can catch small problems before they worsen; potentially saving you dollars in repairs that might have gone undetected for too long. The notice specifies what may be wrong. Then, an appointment may be scheduled, and Snell Heating and AC can arrive at your doorstep, prepared with the correct part.

The smart thermostat’s diagnostic alert system app is offered – at no charge. A home owner or office manager – would need to agree – to opt-in. “We recommend you do so,” suggests Snell.

Credit: Michael Brown, Amazon’s Echo & Dot + Google Home – Voice Assistants

Intelligent Assistants Compatibility Soon

Can I command Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Tap, and Google Home to control the Nexia- smart thermostat?

In the near future, yes. For now, there are workarounds by using a third party applet called IFTTT.com, with some limitations.

“Nexia is currently developing direct compatibility with these popular smart speakers, aka intelligent voice assistants. The functionality is due to hit the market any day,” says Linder.

Huh? What Are Voice Assistants?

Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo, Dot and Tap are software-enable smart speakers that enable users to speak voice commands to perform tasks or services. Turn on the lights. Play the latest news. Set alarms and more.

Smart Thermostat Not Plug and Play

Unlike a plethora of Nexia-compatible devices consumers buy at retailers and connect in a snap, the smart thermostat is designed solely for professional installation – not DIY.

Jerry Snell, Owner – Snell Heating and AC

Is My Furnace/AC System Compatible?

Most existing furnaces, AC, air purification, ventilation, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilation and heat pump systems that folks already have in homes or offices work with smart thermostats, with some wiring retrofitting, notes Snell.

To be certain, schedule an appointment with your trusted HVAC company to take a look.

Privacy and Security 

Of course, protecting your privacy and security are top priorities to Snell Heating and AC during installation and service of the smart thermostat and app set up. “When our customers enter their WiFi password, we turn away our heads – that’s peace of mind,” emphasizes Snell.

App Privacy Assured

Another plus. Nexia is not a data mining company. “Nexia does not sell your private info to third parties,” says Snell.

HVAC Evolves – Snell Does Too

As the HVAC industry and society head toward home/office automation, it’s reassuring to know that: “we got you covered.” Snell says he and his crew receive education and training on the latest technology.

Get Connected Today

Affordability. Ease of use. Remote monitoring and control. Increased efficiency. Text/email error alerts. Hub connect-ability. For all these reasons, you’ll greatly benefit from installing a smart thermostat in your home or office.

Contact Snell Heating and AC today to learn more.  Schedule an appointment now.

Smart thermostats make life easier, and systems more efficient.

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Rita & Jerry Snell, Owners, Snell Heating and AC

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