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Omaha Neb home AC air conditioning repair service8 Signs AC Unit May Need Replacing

Omaha AC company tips. There a myriad of signs and symptoms that it may be time for a home or office air conditioning system overhaul.

1) AC system 10-15 years-old
2) Air Conditioning system needs frequent repairs
3) Utility bills going up
4) Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold
5) No cool air coming from vents – may need freon
6) Thermostat problems
7) Moisture or leakage around unit
8) Pungent or foul smells

Omaha nebraska air conditioning repair company snell heating and cooling june 2015Our Omaha AC Repair Company Runs Diagnostics

Here at Snell Heating and AC, a family-owned, Gretna-based, Omaha Nebraska AC Repair Company, we run a lot of checks to assess your air conditioning system:
1) Visually inspect all AC components
2) Run full system performance test
3) Conduct a leak test

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