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Few do. “We actually turn a wrench,” notes Jerry Snell, owner/operator of Gretna Neb. based Snell Heating & AC who refers to the air conditioning check up service the family-owned company offers.

It’s standard operating practice for many Omaha Neb heating and cooling companies to simply visually inspect the air conditioning system and thermostat without actually cleaning and running diagnostic tests.

Snell Heating AC, serving the Omaha metro for HVAC service with an A+ BBB, does the job the way it’s suppose to be done. Your AC unit shall receive a thorough inspection, cleaning and maintenance. A Customer Care Service Agreement is also available. You’ll save dollars and receive an annual inspection to protect your investment, i.e. furnace and ac.

Check Ups Protect AC Unit

When a Snell Heating and AC technician comes to your home or office for Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance, you get more than a ‘going through’ off a simple check list. Again, Snell runs a series of diagnostic checks to make sure the system runs properly and at maximum efficiency. Should there be any issues, we will communicate and offer you repair or replacement at a reasonable rate.

Small Town Values | Not a Franchise

Many clients find Snell Heating and AC,  an Omaha AC company from referrals or on Google. Some confide in us their frustration with competitors.

‘Some HVAC companies, especially the franchises, low ball the service call, then on site up sell and inflate,’

Snell is about honesty and integrity – the backbone of the Gretna Nebraska based company. Family-owned and run. Rita is the customer service manager and accountant. Husband Jerry is the HVAC lead with Ed and crew doing what they do best – Omaha heating and cooling services.

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