Summer Time AC Service | Cottonwood & Grass Clipping Build Up

air conditioning service omaha nebraska credit susan stern(Omaha, NEBRASKA)  —  By Susan Stern —  Snell Heating AC  Omaha reports that grass clippings and cottonwood appear to be clogging up outdoor AC units in the metro. The observation has been made during service calls. As we get ready for typical summer Nebraska heat, now is a perfect time to schedule an air conditioning system check up to remove debris from your home comfort system.

“Depending on the severity of the cottonwood or the grass clippings, sometimes we just take a garden hose and wash the units out. Other times, we have to disassemble the unit and clean it out that way,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC, a heating and air conditioning company that serves the metro: Omaha, Elkhorn, Bellevue, La Vista and Ashland, Nebraska,

Snell also suggests homeowners refrain from covering the AC unit with a fine mesh, something some owners have been spotted doing recently. Mesh or any other covering can harm the unit, making it work harder (triggering higher utility bills), too.

omaha air conditioning service credit susan stern

photo credit: susan stern

Protect AC When Mowing

When you are mowing your grass, Snell recommends you direct your mower away from the air conditioning unit.  A coil blocked with grass clippings and other debris can drastically reduce efficiency. Be careful near the unit when using a weed whacker. Debris can damage the coil and flatten aluminum fins. while wires can get cut causing a transformer to short out – an expensive repair.

ac unit cleaning tips photo credit susan stern“The best advice we recommend is that homeowners have their air conditioning system checked each spring to make sure it is working properly,” notes Snell. The HVAC company offers an annual customer care service plan that keeps service calls and repairs affordable. Inquire about it.

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