Why Annual AC Service Important

omaha air conditioning repair serviceSpring Tip: Air Conditioning Service Time

Time to schedule Omaha AC Repairs & Service. The end of March 2015 means it’s the best time for maintenance and AC repairs for your home and office air conditioning system. Our Omaha Neb HVAC company recommends you schedule an inspection right away before the air conditioning unit kicks in full time. We think our Gretna based heating and cooling company is the better choice.

Why? Many Greater Omaha HVAC companies are franchises. They do not offer high quality customer service. We’ve heard from many who complain about competitors not doing thorough system maintenance. Instead, some techs go through a short check list, fail to completely clean the system, then up sell and inflate the prices for additional air conditioning services. That’s on-the-spot pressure homeowners do not appreciate.

When Was Last Time You Had AC Serviced?

Let’s be candid. Has it been many years, too many to recall when you had your air conditioning system inspected by an HVAC professional? Have your electric bills gone up? Is your AC unit filled with debris, including leaves and gunk? If the answers are too many years, yes utility bills are on the increase and the AC unit is dirty – then call us for service.

As a leading HVAC provider in the Omaha area, we are often asked why is regular AC maintenance important?

Fact is. Your central air unit, heat pump or geothermal unit was probably installed right, but these units incur a significant amount of wear and tear over the course of their service life due to a wide variety of factors including Nebraska’s weather. Air conditioning maintenance is more than swapping out old filters for fresh ones. Your system needs a comprehensive inspection, cleaning and perhaps adjustment. Here at Snell Heating A/C, we are the one to call for Omaha AC Repairs and service.  omaha air conditioning repairs snell ad

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance restores your system’s energy efficiency.  Increased energy consumption and higher cooling costs happen when dust and other debris settles on sensitive system components like the fan motor and coils. Dirt and grime build up can reduce the rate at which the refrigerant cycle operates, too. A simple routine maintenance call by a certified Omaha Ne HVAC technician results in the removal of system debris – so that your AC properly works.

Another benefit of routine air conditioning service is that a trained air conditioning HVAC technician can catch any issues to prevent major, costly problems. Call Snell Heating and AC today for professional air conditioning maintenance in the Omaha, Neb. metro area.


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Amy P. wrote about our Omaha AC service: “I just wanted to send a note and tell you what a great experience we had today with Ed. He was so polite, friendly, and really did a great job at explaining our situation. I really felt like he was someone I could trust, which is huge in your business. You’ve got a great employee in him, and because of that now you have a loyal customer. Please pass along our thanks!”


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