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Furnace Installation Omaha NebShould You Buy Furnace Omaha?

If you’re considering new furnace installation in Omaha, Nebraska Snell Heating and AC™ is here to help, every step of the way. First thing, is to consider the age and energy efficiency of your current furnace. If your unit is more than 10 years old, we recommend replacement.

Rule of Thumb. Replace Furnace Older than 10 Years

In 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) re-established minimum energy efficiency standards that were not in effect for older furnaces. By installing a new furnace, you may see energy efficiency from less than 60 to 90%.

Climbing Utility Bills and Furnace Repairs?

Besides unit age, if you’ve made a big effort to conserve energy and your utility and furnace repair bills continue to rise, that’s a definite sign you need a new furnace installation in Omaha, Nebraska by Snell. You may not realize how much money goes down the drain each month by paying for inefficient heating equipment in Omaha, Nebraska.

One way to figure out if your furnace drains energy is to compare your current bill to what you paid for heat last year. Of course, weather conditions should be similar. The cost increase may explain that you have an inefficient, outdated furnace that needs replacing.

furnace installation omaha nebraskaSigns Furnace Needs Replacing

Performance is another factor to determine if your Omaha home or business needs a new furnace. When you power up the furnace, does it take long to feel the heat? Are some areas warm while others very cold? Does your furnace shut itself off? Emit bad odors and make loud noises? These are all sure signs of an inefficient furnace. If repairs and preventative maintenance do not seem to help, it’s time to seriously consider new furnace installation in Omaha, Nebraska by Snell Heating and AC™. Call: 402-332-3531

How to Determine New Furnace Energy Efficiency

Today’s furnaces on the market have a minimum Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 78 percent. The AFUE percentage is the amount of fuel that a gas furnace uses compared to the amount that it vents outdoors. For instance, a gas furnace with an 80% AFUE rating only wastes 20 percent of the fuel.

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Stay Cool AC Service Omaha

snell-ad-ac-service-omaha-nebGreat AC Service Omaha!
When summer heats up, air conditioners kick into overdrive. Call Snell Heating & Air™, a reputable AC service Omaha Neb. provider. Why wait until your system breaks? Snell keeps the cooling system working right with regular maintenance.

AC Service Vital
A poorly running AC makes the AC unit work harder, requiring more energy to cool your home. That translates into higher energy bills. Prevention is key. When Snell Heating & AC™ system performs a check-up, we clean and maintain. So, don’t sweat it! Our Omaha HVAC company can solve your air conditioning woes. Consider saving dollars with an “Annual Customer Care Service Agreement,” too.

Top HVAC Services Omaha
Snell, serving the metro since 1998, offers 24-hour air conditioning repairs in Omaha that few HVAC companies provide. Owners Jerry and Rita Snell of small town Gretna care about providing the best Omaha HVAC service, complete with exceptional customer service. No wonder the company earned an A+ BBB Rating.

Budget Best
Snell’s AC service Omaha offers more for a reasonable rate. We are not a franchise. We don’t upsell or inflate, a common complaint of some heating and cooling Omaha providers. The proof is in feedback and a comparison chart of competitor HVAC Omaha companies. View now>>

Call in the Pros
DIY? We don’t recommend. Leave it to HVAC Omaha professionals at Snell Heating & AC™. We do it all – clean, repair, update and maintain AC systems.

Stay Cool in Heat
Why suffer from sweltering heat?! Keep your AC system up-to-date, efficient and cool. Like our motto goes, Snell Heating & AC™. Service to the Highest Degree!

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AC Kaput? Call Snell for AC Service Omaha!

image-air-conditioning-service-omahaAC Kaput?

Overheating this summer and need air conditioning service Omaha? Call Snell Heating and AC™ for all your home and office HVAC needs!

Founded in 1998, Snell Heating & AC™ stands by its motto – Service to the Highest Degree! Snell offers affordable Omaha air conditioning service to the metro. Our customers value our small town attitude, workmanship and top quality AC service and AC repairs Omaha.

Top Omaha AC Service

Snell Heating and AC™ offers HVAC air conditioning Omaha services that our customers appreciate. Don’t just take our word for it! For 16 years, we’ve earned a reputation for top quality HVAC Omaha product/services, achieving an A+ BBB rating. Our cool comfort systems meet or exceed government efficiency standards. We’re your one stop shop for Omaha air conditioning service.

Options that are Right for You!

We don’t sell you what you don’t need. Here at Snell Heating & AC™, we will help you decide if you need a new air conditioning unit or simply a repair.

Beat the Heat

Worried about Nebraska’s scorching summer temps? Our air conditioners remove excess humidity from the air and are rust-resistant. Rest assured, the new air conditioner unit you buy from us lasts through the seasons with a warranty.

Don’t Wait, Call Now!

Are you sweating up a storm due to a potentially failing AC unit? Don’t spend the summer uncomfortable. Call Snell Heating and AC now for air conditioning service Omaha!

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AC Tune Up Spring Special – HVAC Company Omaha Neb.

Heating and Cooling Omaha Neb

Snell Heating & AC Omaha Offers More – Competitor Analysis

Omaha HVAC Companies Cost Comparison
Why Snell Heating & Air is Better

By Susan Stern — On April 2, 2014, we did a cost & annual service comparison of the major Omaha HVAC companies for both AC Spring Maintenance services and annual service agreements. The results show that Snell Heating and Air Conditioning™ provides much more for the price for heating and cooling Omaha Neb work.

Snell Heating and AC Competitor Cost ComparisonView in PDF: HVAC Price Comparison

Heating and Cooling Omaha Neb Cost Comparisons

Without naming any names, the major Omaha HVAC companies we analyzed, did not offer a 5-year warranty for parts that Snell Heating and AC™ provides under the Annual Customer Care Agreement >>

Plus, in terms of an AC tune up, Snell Heating & Air Conditioning™ offers a bargain. Our regular service price is $90. But during Spring 2014, enjoy a 10% discount off the regular service price, with 10% off parts, if they are required. Now that’s exceptional pricing for heating and cooling Omaha Neb. services.

Why Snell Heating & AC is Better

All in all, as the above graph shows, Snell Heating and Air™ offers more services for less for both AC tune ups and the Annual Customer Care Agreement. You’ll get a lot for your dollar from our Heating and Cooling Omaha Neb company. We don’t upsell and then inflate prices like others often do. We do a thorough examination and service of your furnace, AC and humidifier.

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Our heating and cooling Omaha Neb company has served the metro since 1998. Owner Jerry Snell and crew handle Omaha HVAC services while his wife Rita manages customer services and accounting. We stand by our slogan, “Snell Heating & AC. Service to the Highest Degree!”

Spring Time for Omaha AC Check Up!

AC Repairs Omaha NebAC Repairs Omaha Neb

For affordable AC repairs Omaha, contact Snell Heating and Air™. “Just like a car tune-up improves gas mileage, a bi-annual check up of your cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and Air Conditioning™ Omaha.

Where to Buy a New Air Conditioning System Omaha

During your air conditioning system check up, we may recommend you replace your Omaha HVAC equipment if the equipment is 10+ years old and not keeping your house cool. We, a professional Omaha HVAC contractor, will give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done. If your AC needs replacing, we’ll give you a free quote, too. Installation and service are our specialty.

Buy AC Units Omaha Nebraska

Replacing old cooling equipment with energy efficient models is a fantastic way to improve home comfort. But for the absolute best performance, the new AC must be properly installed. Improper installation can reduce system efficiency, costing you more on your utility bill and potentially shortening the AC equipment’s life span. View of AC units>>

Affordable HVAC Omaha Nebraska

We here at Snell Heating and AC™ Omaha HVAC company believe we’re your best choose for AC sales, installation and maintenance. owned small Omaha HVAC company is based in rural Gretna. Yet our service area consists of the metro: Omaha, Bellevue, Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Since 1998, we remain residential HVAC services Omaha Nebraska providers. Learn about Snell Heating & AC>>

We’ve achieved an A+ BBB Rating for a reason, we believe. We treat each customer as a top priority. You’ll receive personalized service from us. Co-owner Rita Snell handles the customer service calls. Husband Jerry and crew do the Omaha heating and cooling work.

We stand by our motto: Snell Heating & AC. Service to the Highest Degree!

Affordable Air Conditioning Repairs Omaha Neb

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Residential/Commercial HVAC.

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