Summer Time AC Service | Cottonwood & Grass Clipping Build Up

air conditioning service omaha nebraska credit susan stern(Omaha, NEBRASKA)  —  By Susan Stern —  Snell Heating AC  Omaha reports that grass clippings and cottonwood appear to be clogging up outdoor AC units in the metro. The observation has been made during service calls. As we get ready for typical summer Nebraska heat, now is a perfect time to schedule an air conditioning system check up to remove debris from your home comfort system.

“Depending on the severity of the cottonwood or the grass clippings, sometimes we just take a garden hose and wash the units out. Other times, we have to disassemble the unit and clean it out that way,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and AC, a heating and air conditioning company that serves the metro: Omaha, Elkhorn, Bellevue, La Vista and Ashland, Nebraska,

Snell also suggests homeowners refrain from covering the AC unit with a fine mesh, something some owners have been spotted doing recently. Mesh or any other covering can harm the unit, making it work harder (triggering higher utility bills), too.

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Protect AC When Mowing

When you are mowing your grass, Snell recommends you direct your mower away from the air conditioning unit.  A coil blocked with grass clippings and other debris can drastically reduce efficiency. Be careful near the unit when using a weed whacker. Debris can damage the coil and flatten aluminum fins. while wires can get cut causing a transformer to short out – an expensive repair.

ac unit cleaning tips photo credit susan stern“The best advice we recommend is that homeowners have their air conditioning system checked each spring to make sure it is working properly,” notes Snell. The HVAC company offers an annual customer care service plan that keeps service calls and repairs affordable. Inquire about it.

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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

omaha air conditioning repairs snell adThe days are heating up! Before you know it, Nebraska’s hot summer will be around the corner. Spring-time is when most homeowners make sure air conditioning systems are ready to go before summer arrives, starting with an AC check up. Rather than do-it-yourself, you should call your favorite Omaha heating and cooling company for AC maintenance services.

Notice Uptick in Operating Costs?

As demand rises and falls, so does the cost of operating your ac. Over time, system efficiency starts to decrease due to regular wear and tear, along with equipment age. Also, there is a correlation between failing to regularly maintain the system and reduced product life. Anyhow, with any major appliance as time goes by, perhaps around the 15-20 year mark, the air conditioner tends to operate for longer periods of time to compensate for efficiency loss. Now that drives up your utility bill.  So, if your electric bill keeps increasing, it’s time to discuss with your HVAC technician about the possibility of a new AC installation.

Plethora of Repairs?

If you also start to notice a steady increase in the number of air conditioning system repair calls, talk to your technician about it. If you hired a reputable AC repair company in Omaha, for instance, he or she would have already communicated his/her replacement recommendation, if any, during the Spring check up. Bottom line, an air conditioner shouldn’t need repairs more than a handful of times throughout its system life.

Red Flag

If you experience a rapid succession of repairs of old AC equipment, that’s a sign that you may need a new system. Many repairs over a short period of time often signals the end of an AC’s lifecyle.  Say, repairs every few months, rather than every few years – are clues.

If you think that you need to install a new air conditioner, call Snell Heating and AC of Gretna Nebraska. We offer heating and air conditioning services to the Omaha metro – Bellevue, La Vista, Papillion, all the way to Elkhorn and Ashland!  Our family-owned, non-franchise company provides comprehensive air conditioning installation services throughout Omaha – Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

Financing is available, subject to credit approval.

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How Spring AC Maintenance Helps Control Allergies

Decrease Allergies Springtime HVAC Omaha Ne service(By Susan Stern —  Omaha Neb) —  Achoo! Oh, spring is here alright, judging by the sneezing and wheezing that some of us suffer when pollen counts start to rise. If you have allergies or asthma, here’s a tip. Regular HVAC maintenance can help control the symptoms.

You can nip allergies in the bud by calling your AC repair company for a seasonal air conditioning maintenance check recommends the respected Mayo Clinic, which also states that you consider purchasing “high-efficiency filters.” Plus, following annual maintenance schedules of your home cooling system is especially important for people with allergy/asthma.

Web MD suggests:

  • Have air ducts cleaned once-per-year
  • Keep the humidity in your house below 50% to help prevent mold growth
  • Install dehumidifiers in basements where molds tend to collect. Clean them every week
  • Filter the air. Cover air conditioning vents with cheesecloth to help filter pollen
  • Check for mold levels by buying a kit at a big box store

Other allergy prevention tips from Web MD:

  • Vacuum once or twice a week
  • Wear a mask or gloves when cleaning
  • Store firewood outdoors
  • Refrain from collecting too many plants. Soil attracts mold
  • Wash bedding every week in hot water
  • Keep windows shut and AC on, keeps pollen/spores from entering

Inachoo spring hvac service must do stern pr omaha nebraskavest in a Professional Air Cleaner

Allergy and asthma sufferers would greatly benefit from installing a high quality air cleaner from your AC company, rather than buy a cheap portable one found at the local store. Consider contacting your HVAC company for a quote before you buy an air cleaner in Omaha.

Change Air Filters Once a Month

Dirty filters contribute to poor indoor air quality, dust buildup in your system and restricted airflow. Choose a filter with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, rating of at least 8 to trap the most allergens possible.

Time to Call AC Repairman

Sneezing? Wheezing? That’s your cue. It’s time to call your AC repairman. After all, your home or office air conditioning system can actually act as an ally in the battle against allergies provided the HVAC system, a.k.a., air conditioners and heaters, is well-maintained and circulating clean air.

When all is running right as determined by your HVAC pro, you might want to know that air conditioners help reduce the amount of humidity in the home, to prevent mold and dust mites from forming. Consider keeping indoor temperatures between 70 F and 75 F, and relative humidity level at 50 percent or lower.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Key

Jerry Snell, Owner/Operator

With spring allergy season in full gear, now is the time to call your local HVAC maintenance company that can make further recommendations based upon the type of AC unit you have in your home.

For more expert advice about how HVAC maintenance can lower the population of spring allergens in your Omaha, Bellevue and Gretna, Nebraska-area home, please feel free to contact Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree!

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Buy Furnace Omaha With Tax Refund

buy new furnace omaha with tax refundBuy Furnace Omaha with Tax Refund

The 2015 tax season is in full swing – a great time to allocate your tax refund to big ticket purchases that protect one of our biggest investments – the home.  If your furnace is 16-to-20-years old, it may be time for a new one. Using a tax refund to purchase important big ticket items like a new furnace or air conditioning system, are always wise choices.

buy furnace omaha nebraska snell heatingHow Long Do Furnaces Run Right?

The life span of a furnace depends on the quality of the furnace installation, efficiency of the system and regular maintenance care. Still, many HVAC experts suggest homeowners should consider replacing an old furnace around 16 to 20 years. You should begin shopping for a replacement, if your furnace is close to this age range or older, or faltering more frequently rather than wait for an emergency which may trigger a panic and more costly decision. Just a quick note, if your furnace has a pilot light, it is probably over 25-years-old! Ouch.

When you buy a new furnace in Omaha, you’ll reap the benefits of purchasing today’s better quality manufactured furnace systems, which offer greater efficiency and improved components than those made ten years ago.

Professional Annual Maintenance

Of course, to extend the life of your current furnace, it’s important to work with a reputable heating and air conditioning contractor to promote a long life span. A preventative maintenance plan is always a wise choice, keeping maintenance costs low. Should parts need replacing or fixing, discounts are always offered. Snell Heating and AC, an Omaha metro heating and cooling company, offers a cost-effective annual Customer Care Agreement.

Buy Furnace with Tax Refund Smart

Rather than get a home equity loan or HELOC with increasingly higher interest rates expected to perhaps rise this year, if your tax refund is a healthy amount, you might want to use those dollars to purchase home improvement products like a new furnace or AC. Here at Snell Heating and AC, financing is available with approved credit.

If you have any questions regarding the life span of a furnace replacement or new install in your Omaha, Bellevue, Elkhorn and surrounding area home, contact Snell Heating and Air Conditioning of Gretna Neb.

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Think Space Heater Safety

OMAHA FURNACE REPAIRS SPACE HEATER SAFETY(Gretna, Neb) —  With Nebraska winter temps dipping to cold extremes, furnaces are working full-time to heat our homes. People often rely on secondary heating sources like space heaters to stay cozy, especially in bedrooms. But before you turn on the space heater, we here at Snell Heating and AC in Gretna Neb, recommend checking to make sure you’re taking steps to avoid a house fire.

The National Fire Protection Association calculates that space heaters trigger an estimated 32 percent of house fires in America each year, resulting in close to 500 deaths, 1,550 injuries and $1.1 billion in direct property damage. So fire prevention is an absolute necessity.
More specifically, the NFPA reports that the “leading factor contributing to space heater fires in general was heating equipment too close to things that can burn, such as upholstered furniture, clothing, mattress, or bedding.” Other reasons are failure to keep space heaters clean and leaving a space heater on and unattended.

The NFPA offers electric space heater safety tips:

  • Use and only purchase portable space heaters with  automatic shut off
  • Keep space heater 3 feet from any combustible surfaces and on flat, solid surface
  • Turn heaters off when you go to bed or leave room
  • Plug space heaters directly into outlet. Do NOT use an extension cord

Here are more tips for fuel burning space heaters:

  • Always use the proper manufacturer-listed fuel type and grade in portable kerosene or other liquid-fueled space heaters
  • Open window when using heater to ensure ventilation
  • Replace old gas-fired space heaters that do not shut off when carbon monoxide accumulates
  • Wait 5 minutes before trying to turn on the pilot light if it goes out. Light a match before you turn on the gas to prevent a flashback
  • Should should smell gas, do not light the appliance. Turn off controls, open windows & call gas service professional

General furnace safety hints:

  • Hire a qualified professional Omaha furnace repair and maintenance company to inspect & clean yearly
  • For installation of new furnaces, only hire a qualified HVAC company
  • Install carbon monoxide alerts to alert you if gas leaks
  • Never use an oven to heat a home
  • Keep furniture and other combustibles at least 3 feet from heating equipment
  • Hire qualified pro to clean and inspect chimney yearly

We hope these space heater and furnace safety tips help keep your family safe this winter.

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Warm Wishes in 2016!

As we enter a new year, Snell Heating and AC wishes you the best in 2016! Thank you for being great customers, too. Remember. Should you need to buy a new furnace, our Gretna Neb based heating and cooling company is there for your home and business. Residential and Commercial home comfort!

We also offer 24 hour furnace repairs Omaha, Elkhorn, Valley, Waterloo and Sarpy County Nebraska.

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Omaha Area Heating Repair & Installation

Stay Warm Count On Us!

In Nebraska, heating isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. This is why our Omaha area Neb heating company is available 24/7. Whether you need an emergency repair, a new unit, or maintenance, call our heating experts. We’re not a franchise. We do not upsell or inflate. Call Snell Heating and AC. We offer Service to the Highest Degree, serving Bellevue, Gretna, Ashland, La Vista, Papillion, Elkhorn, Waterloo and Valley Nebraska homeowners and businesses. We offer furnace repair, installation and service.

Maintenance Plans Inspect to Protect

Once we repair or install your new heating system, we offer you safety and security with an annual maintenance plan to keep your investment in tip top working order. Most furnace, heat pump or geothermal unit manufacturers offer warranties. Oftentimes the warranty only remains valid you you get annual service. Our Omaha area heating installation service and maintenance plans will make the most of your heating system!

Trust Our Techs

At Snell Heating and AC prides ourselves in providing a team of veteran HVAC technicians you feel comfortable having in your home or office. We also strive to go above and beyond by offering reminder appointments, friendly customer service and 24 our help in case of an emergency such as a furnace going out in the dead of winter.

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Snell Heating & AC Wins Sarpy County People’s Choice Award!

Snell Heating & AC Wins Again!
Sarpy County People’s Choice

By Susan Stern

Snell Heating AC - Sarpy County Peoples Choice Award - Best of Omaha heating and cooling company (GRETNA, Neb) – For the second year in a row, Sarpy County residents chose Gretna. Neb-based Snell Heating & AC as one of the top three metro area heating and cooling companies. People’s Choice Awards spokeswoman Natalie Troutman said: “It’s a top badge of honor for Snell Heating and Air Conditioning to receive this coveted award. They are doing good by their customers!”

Troutman noted that the campaign, in its second year, is picking up speed. She said over 30,000 households cast votes in the 2015 Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards, up by 13,000 from last year. The award program is a brainchild of the Omaha World Herald advertising department in response to “the success of the Best of Omaha” that Sarpy County businesses are not permitted to participate.

“We wanted to showcase Sarpy County businesses with awards they deserve since they have been left out of the Best of Omaha campaign,” emphasized Troutman.

The award winners will be featured in a Nov. 18 magazine that will be inserted in the Omaha World Herald, The Gretna Breeze, Papillion Times, La Vista Sun, The Bellevue Leader and The Base (Offutt Air Force) newspapers.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. We really appreciate the honor. We are always here to help,” said Jerry Snell, the owner/operator of Snell Heating and AC.


24 hour emergency furnace repairs omaha nebAs the slogan goes, Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree! Call Snell for all your heating and cooling needs!

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Before You Turn On Heat – Schedule Omaha Furnace Service

Fall Omaha Furnace Inspections Key

img - omaha furnace repair checkWith temps starting to fall overnight, experts say the time is now to test your heating system before cold weather settles in for the winter.  Before you turn on the heat in your home,  Snell Heating and AC recommends you have your furnace professionally inspected by our metro Omaha furnace repair company – once a year.  September and October months are the times to schedule a service call.

“You should treat your furnace like your car. You would not wait until your car broke down to maintain it,” said Jerry Snell, owner of Snell Heating and Air, an HVAC company based out of Gretna Neb.

After having a few months off, some furnaces and home heating systems require extra attention to make sure they’re fired up and ready to go for winter. Snell emphasizes that a once-a-year furnace check by a professional is essential to clean the system, monitor gas and heat levels and make sure everything is properly connected. Annual Maintenance of your heating system also ensures you get the best bang for your utility buck.

Outsourcing furnace servicing to an Omaha heating company is not only important for your safety, but also makes sure all of the components work right. Without a regular service inspection, a heating system can break down, pump carbon monoxide into your home or the furnace can stop working completely. A neglected furnace can lead to a variety of problems ranging from costly, dangerous and even deadly.

“Many no heat situations in the winter are due to lack of maintenance,” said Jerry Snell. “So by us taking a good look at your equipment, cleaning it and running diagnostics – we can tell if something is going wrong, and we can fix it before it does.”

DIY Fall Heating Maintenance

img - omaha furnace repairWhat can you do? Our Gretna Neb based heating and cooling company that serves Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista and Ashland Nebraska notes there are a lot of do-it-yourself tasks homeowners can do to prep for fall heating.

Change the furnace filters once a month to every 60 days. Inspect your home and seal drafts, so warm air is not wasted.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Snell points out that homeowners should invest in a carbon monoxide detector, to spot any threat when furnaces and heating systems are up and running.

Contact Snell Heating and AC for an Omaha area fall furnace service.

Get your furnace checked out before winter strikes!

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New Logo. New Look. Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards

sarpy county people's choice awards snell heating and cooling gretna nebVote Snell Heating AC | Sarpy County People’s Choice Award

Snell Heating and AC thanks you for choosing us last year. Right now voting is underway now for the 2015 Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards. We hope you might consider our Gretna Neb. based heating and cooling company again this year when you vote here. 

Voting ends Sept. 9, 2015.

Won 2014 Award | Top Gretna Neb Heating, Cooling

Last year, voters in Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Offutt, Springfield and Gretna NE chose Snell Heating and AC as one of the top three northeast Nebraska furnace and air conditioning service and repair companies located outside of Omaha. We appreciate the vote of confidence! Thank you.

Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree! 

The Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards is sponsored by the Omaha World Herald. In its second year, the contest recently released a more modern, fresh logo to coincide with the mission, as shown above in the graphic.

The award contest came about after businesses outside of Omaha expressed a desire to be recognized like the “Best of Omaha” program, said organizer Natalie Troutman. “So, this is why we do the “People’s Choice Awards” here, to give Sarpy County businesses some love.”

Snell Heating and AC’s service area is in both Sarpy and Douglas Counties. Call us if you’d like a Fall furnace maintenance check up. Learn why Snell Heating and AC outshines the competition with a more thorough check up, here. We turn a wrench!

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