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Snell Heating AC Ad -best sarpy county heating and cooling companySnell Heating AC Won 2014 Award

Gretna-based Snell Heating and AC received quite a surprise last year! Residents in Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista, Offutt and Springfield, Nebraska chose Snell Heating and AC for the “Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards.” We were picked as the top three Omaha metro heating and cooling companies.

“We are honored for the designation. Providing top quality product and service are our priorities. We are a family-owned HVAC company. We take pride in going the extra mile for each customer,” notes Jerry Snell, the owner.

Campaign organizer Natalie Troutman says the “Spary County People’s Choice Awards” came about since the “Best of Omaha” program does not include businesses outside the city limits. “So, this is why we do the “People’s Choice Awards” here, to give Sarpy County businesses some love.” Troutman is an account executive for the Gretna Breeze, who also oversees this annual program.

2015 People’s Choice Voting Begins Soon

Voting begins Aug. 12 2015 and runs through Sept. 9. Troutman says 78,000 homes in Sarpy County will receive a ballot urging them to go online to cast their vote for their top 10 favorite businesses. Ballots will be sent to OWH-owned papers including the Omaha World Herald in Sarpy County, the Gretna Breeze, Bellevue Leader, Papillion Leader and The Base: 68113 (Offutt Air Force Base newspaper).

Gretna Calendar Prom Fundraiser 2015 - Snell Heating AC - By Stern PRA hyperlink is not yet live, but will be when voting commences on Aug. 12. Winners will be notified between Sept. 16-23.

In the meantime, call us for heating and cooling company service. Serving Bellevue, Gretna, Papillion, Springfield, La Vista and Omaha metro!

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Signs Omaha Air Conditioner Needs Repair | Snell AC!

Omaha Neb home AC air conditioning repair service8 Signs AC Unit May Need Replacing

Omaha AC company tips. There a myriad of signs and symptoms that it may be time for a home or office air conditioning system overhaul.

1) AC system 10-15 years-old
2) Air Conditioning system needs frequent repairs
3) Utility bills going up
4) Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold
5) No cool air coming from vents – may need freon
6) Thermostat problems
7) Moisture or leakage around unit
8) Pungent or foul smells

Omaha nebraska air conditioning repair company snell heating and cooling june 2015Our Omaha AC Repair Company Runs Diagnostics

Here at Snell Heating and AC, a family-owned, Gretna-based, Omaha Nebraska AC Repair Company, we run a lot of checks to assess your air conditioning system:
1) Visually inspect all AC components
2) Run full system performance test
3) Conduct a leak test

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Why You Need Regular AC Maintenance

Omaha NE Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Tip#1

You’ve heard it before. We’re sending a friendly reminder again as another sizzling Nebraska summer approaches. Our Omaha Air Conditioning maintenance company recommends yearly AC check ups, diagnostics, cleaning and maintenance. Yes, it is something to put on the “to do” list, perhaps. Fortunately, our-family-run HVAC company is easy to reach.

Call us at 402-332-3531. If you prefer, consider scheduling an online appointment now, here.

omaha air conditioning repair service

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Annual AC check ups are recommended to maintain the life of your investment. Keep utility costs in check.

In Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance from Snell Heating and Cooling makes sure your AC is ready for summer striving for maximum efficiency.  Our air conditioning technicians have the necessary skills to make certain your cooling system operates right.

Why Regular AC Maintenance Is a Necessity

Just like you are recommended to visit your doctor for an annual exam, we suggest a yearly air conditioning check up. This is a great time to catch any potential repair needs. Maintenance = prevention and wellness in heating and cooling, too. We also do the dirty work. So, you do not have to remove grime, leaves and dirt from units – like cleaning the coils and the undercarriage, as the AC system to the right desperately needs!

Maintenance also can spot a potential problem early enough to avoid more expensive repairs. That’s a good thing. Just like a blood test at the doctor can
discover issues in your health, our diagnostic check ups spot potential problems early on.

Ensure long system lifespan

Air conditioning systems tend to have a manufacturer’s lifespan of about up to 15 years or so provided regular maintenance is done. Neglecting service for tune ups tends to shorten the AC’s life, we have found. No one wants to prematurely be forced to replace the air conditioning system due to lack of care, right? Call us. We will run through a thorough check list of diagnostics, cleaning and maintenance you will rarely find from our competition.

omaha neb air conditioning repair company snell may 2015 adSign Up for Maintenance Plan Today!

When you sign up for our annual Snell Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance plan, that we call the “Customer Care Service Agreement” you will receive twice-per-year service calls for your AC and furnace. That’s peace of mind, we think.  You also earn VIP or “Front of the Line Service” during busy, peak times of the year! Plus, under the plan, you’ll save dollars should you need repairs or replacement.

Put your trust in us for home & office, Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance company. We are family-owned. Not a franchise. We do not upsell or inflate. Customer service is our priority.

As our slogan goes, Snell Heating and AC – Service to the Highest Degree! 

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Time 4 Omaha Air Conditioning Check Up

omaha air conditioning service hvac omaha nebraskaOmaha AC Repair Services Done Right

Few do. “We actually turn a wrench,” notes Jerry Snell, owner/operator of Gretna Neb. based Snell Heating & AC who refers to the air conditioning check up service the family-owned company offers.

It’s standard operating practice for many Omaha Neb heating and cooling companies to simply visually inspect the air conditioning system and thermostat without actually cleaning and running diagnostic tests.

Snell Heating AC, serving the Omaha metro for HVAC service with an A+ BBB, does the job the way it’s suppose to be done. Your AC unit shall receive a thorough inspection, cleaning and maintenance. A Customer Care Service Agreement is also available. You’ll save dollars and receive an annual inspection to protect your investment, i.e. furnace and ac.

Check Ups Protect AC Unit

When a Snell Heating and AC technician comes to your home or office for Omaha NE air conditioning maintenance, you get more than a ‘going through’ off a simple check list. Again, Snell runs a series of diagnostic checks to make sure the system runs properly and at maximum efficiency. Should there be any issues, we will communicate and offer you repair or replacement at a reasonable rate.

Small Town Values | Not a Franchise

Many clients find Snell Heating and AC,  an Omaha AC company from referrals or on Google. Some confide in us their frustration with competitors.

‘Some HVAC companies, especially the franchises, low ball the service call, then on site up sell and inflate,’

Snell is about honesty and integrity – the backbone of the Gretna Nebraska based company. Family-owned and run. Rita is the customer service manager and accountant. Husband Jerry is the HVAC lead with Ed and crew doing what they do best – Omaha heating and cooling services.

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Why Annual AC Service Important

omaha air conditioning repair serviceSpring Tip: Air Conditioning Service Time

Time to schedule Omaha AC Repairs & Service. The end of March 2015 means it’s the best time for maintenance and AC repairs for your home and office air conditioning system. Our Omaha Neb HVAC company recommends you schedule an inspection right away before the air conditioning unit kicks in full time. We think our Gretna based heating and cooling company is the better choice.

Why? Many Greater Omaha HVAC companies are franchises. They do not offer high quality customer service. We’ve heard from many who complain about competitors not doing thorough system maintenance. Instead, some techs go through a short check list, fail to completely clean the system, then up sell and inflate the prices for additional air conditioning services. That’s on-the-spot pressure homeowners do not appreciate.

When Was Last Time You Had AC Serviced?

Let’s be candid. Has it been many years, too many to recall when you had your air conditioning system inspected by an HVAC professional? Have your electric bills gone up? Is your AC unit filled with debris, including leaves and gunk? If the answers are too many years, yes utility bills are on the increase and the AC unit is dirty – then call us for service.

As a leading HVAC provider in the Omaha area, we are often asked why is regular AC maintenance important?

Fact is. Your central air unit, heat pump or geothermal unit was probably installed right, but these units incur a significant amount of wear and tear over the course of their service life due to a wide variety of factors including Nebraska’s weather. Air conditioning maintenance is more than swapping out old filters for fresh ones. Your system needs a comprehensive inspection, cleaning and perhaps adjustment. Here at Snell Heating A/C, we are the one to call for Omaha AC Repairs and service.  omaha air conditioning repairs snell ad

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance restores your system’s energy efficiency.  Increased energy consumption and higher cooling costs happen when dust and other debris settles on sensitive system components like the fan motor and coils. Dirt and grime build up can reduce the rate at which the refrigerant cycle operates, too. A simple routine maintenance call by a certified Omaha Ne HVAC technician results in the removal of system debris – so that your AC properly works.

Another benefit of routine air conditioning service is that a trained air conditioning HVAC technician can catch any issues to prevent major, costly problems. Call Snell Heating and AC today for professional air conditioning maintenance in the Omaha, Neb. metro area.


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Snell Heating and AC Review

Amy P. wrote about our Omaha AC service: “I just wanted to send a note and tell you what a great experience we had today with Ed. He was so polite, friendly, and really did a great job at explaining our situation. I really felt like he was someone I could trust, which is huge in your business. You’ve got a great employee in him, and because of that now you have a loyal customer. Please pass along our thanks!”


Tips To Lower Electric Bill

Omaha Electric Bill Saving Tips

If you’re noticing too high electric bills, our Omaha Heating and Air Conditioning company wants to help you trouble-shoot. Many reasons for high electric bills relate to the way you use your home electricity. But first here’s some stats to sink your teeth in. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) gives us a breakdown on how the average homeowner uses energy:

  • 41% was for heating our homes.
  • 34% was for appliances.
  • 17% was for water heating.
  • 6% was for air conditioning.

Keeping Appliances Plugged In

In these days of modern technology, many of us do not realize that computers, DVRs, televisions and the like draw electricity when turned off. This is because modern appliances often transition into a standby mode that still eats up electricity. Coffeemakers, microwave ovens and stove tops need power to keep time while turned off. Consider unplugging the coffeemaker.

Energy Hog Tips

There’s no why around energy sappers like clothes washers and dryers, and dishwashers that use up a lot of energy. The average American household does about 400 loads a year and 40 gallons of water per load. The solution to reduce energy use is to fill dish and clothes washers to capacity and choose low heat for drying.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

A common energy vampire is running a ceiling fan when you’re not in the room. Ceiling fans use up a lot of energy. Based on the season, winter or summer, make sure you adjust the fan to manufacturer specifications.  Likewise, only use lighting in rooms that are being used. Another tip. Get rid of any inefficient incandescent light bulbs and replace with energy-efficient CFL bulbs. It’s always good to be reminded. Consider getting into the habit of turning off lights when no one is using them.

Old Appliances Eat Up Energy

Don’t be surprised if your old refrigerator, dryer and oven cause cause high monthly energy bills. Old appliances were not built to be energy-efficient like the models on the market today. Consider upgrading appliances to save dollars.

Tech Charging Frenzy

Cell phones. Tablets. Laptops. I-pods. Cameras. You name it. With all the technological gadgets and devices we own, it’s no wonder electric bills seem high. Simply by plugging in these things, you’re using up energy. Do a walk around your home.Unplug devices that are done charging.  Turn off your desktop at night before bed including the printer. These tips may save you plenty of dollars.

HVAC Upgrades

An old furnace or air conditioning system (10-15 years’ old) also can suck a lot of energy that could be saved by purchasing a more energy-efficient newer model. Call Snell Heating and Air Conditioning in Omaha, Nebraska for a quote, service and replacement. We understand the importance of saving money on utility bills. With these above tips, we hope we’ve helped!

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omaha air conditioning company


How to Save Money Home Energy Tips

save dollars on heating cooling bills omaha furance repair companySave Dollars Home Energy Bills

There are a multitude of ways of how to save money on home energy, that do not cost thousands of dollars. Omaha’s Heating and AC company, Snell Heating AC offers suggestions on how to keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

Least Expensive Solutions

Every 15 years or so we recommend you replace your old, less efficient furnace and air conditioning unit. In the meantime, you can trim your energy bill by simply planting shaded trees near your home. Another tip, is adding insulation in your home attic and walls, a one time cost.

Twice a year we suggest you do an internal and external inspection around your home’s perimeter. Then, seal cracks around windows. Here’s another recommendation that many people do not think of. Tightly close fireplace damper when not in use. Keeping it open wastes energy costs.

energy efficient light bulb omaha neb furnace repairRefrain from buying traditional incandescent bulbs, and replace them with energy star bulbs that use less energy, produce less heat and last longer.

If your refrigerator or dryer needs replacing, look for the Energy Star symbol and compare. Their logo on big ticket items is a certification that means the product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Summarized Home Efficiency Tips + Extras

*  Plant shaded trees near home
*  Add insulation to attic and within walls
*  Seal window cracks
*  Close fireplace damper when not in use especially during winter
*  Buy only energy-efficient labeled appliances. Ex. Refrigerator, Dryer, Washer
*  Purchase Energy Star light bulbs. They last longer, use less energy & produce less heat
*  Close closet doors. Lowers square footage needed to heat and cool
*  Use microwave more often that oven which utilizes less energy
*  Get rid of old, extra refrigerators that tend to drain energy
*  Unplug unused electronics. Power strips turned on sometimes zap energy, as do overcharged tablets & phones
*  Lower water heater temperature 10 degrees to saves dollars. Recommended settings: 120 degrees or 110 degrees

We hope we’ve shared information you can use in this article titled ‘How to Save Money Home Energy Tips’.  If you have any additional info to share, please send us a note.

For over 16 years, Omaha’s Snell Heating and Air Conditioning, remains a reliable northeast Nebraska provider of home heating and air conditioning, HVAC repair, maintenance and installation throughout the metro. Our customers are also in Elkhorn, Bellevue, Papillion, La Vista and Gretna Neb, too. They know they can count on us for all their heating and air conditioning needs with 24/7 Emergency service.

Snell Heating and AC. Service to the Highest Degree!

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Important | Annual Checkup | Omaha Furnace Repair Company Tips

omaha furnace repair companyOmaha Furnace Repair Check Up

So, you don’t get stuck with an unnecessarily high Omaha furnace repair, right now, in Fall and winter is when you should schedule a full-service furnace inspection from us. Snell Heating and AC is a long-practicing northeast Nebraska heating and cooling provider.  You can count on us anytime for 24-hour emergency Omaha Ne furnace repair service.

Gives us a call: 402-332-3531

Furnace Check Up Process

When we arrive at your home of office, our Omaha Nebraska Furnace A/C company first conducts a visual inspection of the furnace looking for cracks and other telltale signs of problems. We remove, inspect and clean the burners. We take apart the assembly for a thorough clean. We check limits and safety controls. We also verify gas pressure, check for carbon monoxide “the silent killer” and we verify temperature levels are where they should be.

Furnace Combustion Tests – Few Do

Unlike most Omaha heating and repair service companies, we go above and beyond and offer what most others don’t. Snell Heating and AC runs a much-needed combustion check to see how clean and efficient the furnace performs. This test is done to make sure the furnace operates within manufacturer guidelines.  Doing this helps to keep the furnace warranty in place. Another note, most manufacturers require annual furnace inspections and service to maintain the warranty.furnace repairs omaha nebraska

Why Snell Heating is Better

“Many heating and cooling providers simply clean the furnace, hand you the bill and are done. They do not turn a wrench and tune it. Instead, they give you recommendations on items that they think you need, so, you’re paying more at a higher cost. In other words, upsell and inflate,” said Jerry Snell.

“Many do not take the extra steps. We at Snell Heating and Air Conditioning, Omaha Ne Furnace A/C provider, have the diagnostic tools and ability to run combustion analysis tests. We see if your furnace is under-performing, below manufacture- specific recommendations.  We find a lot of sick furnaces that fail the combustion test. So you’re paying for more fuel than necessary. That means higher heating bills and reduced furnace life,” said Ed Kratz, a long-time Snell Heating and Air Conditioning technician.

Schedule Furnace Services Now

A new furnace installation can cost a pretty penny – should you need a new one. The best protection to avoid a shortened furnace life is regular maintenance done by an HVAC-certified provider.

omaha neb furnace repairsA little About Us

We think our Gretna Neb based Snell Heating and Air is one your best choices. We’re family-owned, small town, with small town values.  Jerry Snell is the master HVAC technician, with wife Rita handling accounting and customer calls. We care about our customers.

Annual Customer Care Agreement Smart

What’s ideal for many of our customers, is signing up for the Annual Customer Care Agreement for Omaha Ne Furnace A/C services. Your heating and cooling unit shall receive 2 checkups per year, priority scheduling + %15 off repairs. Learn more now.

Anytime Furnace Checkups

Or, give us a call anytime you like, for fall/winter furnace checkups done right. In business since 1998, here at Snell Heating and AC Omaha, we have earned an A+ BBB rating defined as a reputable Omaha Neb furnace service contractor. Schedule heating and cooling appointment now.

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Fast and Reliable Omaha Neb Furnace Repairs

snell heating omaha neb furnace repairsOmaha Neb Furnace Repairs You Can Count On

When you need professional heating and cooling repair in Omaha Nebraska, Snell Heating and Air™ is here to help.

Our company entered the Omaha HVAC services market in 1998. Since then, we have earned an A+ BBB rating for residential and commercial AC and Omaha Neb furnace repairs.

Emergency Furnace Repairs – Omaha Metro

Whatever your concern, either routine or if you seek emergency gas or electric furnace repair services, we are here for you. Our skilled technicians provide quick repairs for heating and cooling in northeast Nebraska. We service everything from furnaces, heat pumps to geothermal systems. furnace repair services omaha

Plus, we service and repair air conditioning, carbon monoxide detectors, humidifiers and air purifier systems. Our company is also a factory authorized dealer for one of the top manufacturing companies in the HVAC industry. For 24-hour furnace repair in Omaha metro, please call 402-332-3531

Scheduling Repair Services – Heating and Cooling Omaha

If you experience a heating and cooling emergency in the Omaha area, you may contact us 24 hours a day: evenings, weekends and holidays at a reasonable after-hour rate. If you’re enrolled in our annual Customer Care Service Agreement, no additional after-hour service charges apply. Call: 402-332-3531

When you place an urgent service call to our company, we will dispatch a service technician to your home or business in Omaha, Gretna, Elkhorn, Bellevue, Papillion or La Vista. Your safety and comfort is our primary objective.

Routine Furnace Repairs

For repair concerns that are not an emergency, feel free to contact our local office during office hours to request a written estimate or schedule an appointment online anytime.

On the day of your appointment, you can expect us to arrive on time and be ready to get to work. Our service truck and nearby service center are stocked with a complete line of HVAC equipment which ensures we have the part you need to quickly complete any repair.

buy furnace Omaha NebYou Can Depend On Our Expertise

Snell heating and AC™ Owner Jerry Snell is a residential and commercial Omaha HVAC licensed contractor, certified in combustion analysis and sheetmetal – the industry accommodation for technicians. This assures you that we provide the best possible heating and cooling service. When you hire us, you receive the highest quality HVAC Omaha services.

How to Prevent Unexpected Repair Bills

At Snell Heating and Air Conditioning™, we understand how frustrating it can be to spend dollars on unexpected HVAC repairs. So, we recommend our customers consider signing up for our annual Customer Care Service Agreement.

furnace repair company omaha ne

Furnace Repairs Omaha

Customer care customers receive 2 annual preventative maintenance visits that cover your furnace, AC and humidifier in the fall and spring. The plan includes a 15 percent discount on parts and service and a 5-year parts and labor warranty. View competitor cost comparison chart>>

Bi-annual tune-ups help prevent large repair bills allowing us to detect and correct minor system problems early on. There are other benefits, as well, including greater indoor comfort, improved system longevity and lower monthly operating costs.

omaha heating and cooling company

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Snell Heating and AC™.
We provide Omaha Neb furnace repairs and AC – to the highest degree!

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10 Fall Home Prep Tips

heating and ac company in omaha neOmaha furnace repair Company Tips

Summer is over. With Nebraska’s weather cooling down for fall, now is a great time to tackle your home maintenance to-do list to protect your wallet and property investment, courtesy of our Omaha heating and air conditioning company – Snell Heating and AC™.

Inspect Home’s Exterior

Our main recommendation to homeowners, as heating and cooling contractors in Omaha Nebraska, is to closely examine your home’s exterior and make necessary repairs – key to prevent weather-triggered damage that may be preventable.

Tip # 1: Caulking caulking furnace repair company omaha ne

You’ll want to fill up cracks and gaps with caulk to prevent water leakage, cold air seepage, mold and foundation cracks. Water that gets into spaces around windows and doors can freeze and rot window sills and trigger mold damage. Cold air slipping through will, without a doubt, trigger a less efficient heating system and higher energy bills.

Tip # 2: Look for Peeling Paint

The most common cause of peeling paint is water, Moisture from inside or outside the home may cause siding and window sills to rot, and paint peel or blister. To diagnose the source, look for leaks in the walls, roof or gutters that may need to be replaced. Repair and re-paint.

Tip # 3: Inspect Roof

Roof-wise, missing or loose shingles can cause water damage, including ruining wood, drywall and insulation. Any damage can negatively impact heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical.

Tip #4: Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters and downspouts with water should be on any homeowner’s to-do list at least twice a year especially during the fall. Trees near your home may drop a heck of a lot of leaves that clog gutters. If left filled with gunk, the clog may cause ice dams during the winter and potentially costly damage.

Tip #5: Check Garage Seal & Driveway Cracks

Inspect and make sure the seal between your garage door and ground is tight. A tight seal keeps cold air out. Check out the driveway for cracks and repair with driveway filler and commercial sealer.

Tip # 6: Call Omaha Furnace Repair Company

Our Omaha furnace repair company recommends you outsource your heating system to a licensed HVAC company like us to thoroughly inspect your system.

Tip# 7: Caulk and Seal Inside

Inside your home, you’ll want to caulk and weather strip windows and doors to seal air leaks to protect your pocketbook from unnecessarily high energy bills and to keep your furnace working efficiently.

furnace repair in omaha nebTip# 8: Switch Ceiling Fan Direction

It’s a simple task that some homeowner’s sometimes forget. During the fall/winter, fans should run clockwise to pull up air to the ceiling while forcing hot air downward. In the summer, fans should operate counter-clockwise.

Tip #9: Clean Humidifier

The purpose of a humidifier is to keep air comfy and not dry, but regular maintenance is necessary. Fall is a great time to clean a humidifier to get rid of a dirty water tank that can lead to bacteria and spores circulating into the indoor air – especially a problem for allergy sufferers.

Tip #10: Change Furnace Filter

omaha furnace repair company

Call 402-332-3531 – Furnace Repairs in Omaha

It’s nice to be reminded to change your furnace filter monthly. You are welcome. If you do not, dust, particles and allergens muck up the filter. If dirty, your furnace will work less efficiently and could potentially break down causing costly problems that are indeed preventable. Swapping out a furnace filter each month is especially important for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory issues.

We hope this fall home prep checklist is helpful! Our Omaha furnace repair company is here to serve homeowners with HVAC services and do-it-yourself tips. Bottom line, you’ll protect your investment and save dollars on your heating bills with regular home maintenance.

Call Our Heating Company Omaha

For more fall home maintenance tips or to have a professional inspect your HVAC system, contact Snell Heating and AC™ in Omaha Nebraska. Based in Gretna, our furnace repair company serves the metro including Omaha, Elkhorn, Valley, Ashland, Bellevue, La Vista and Papillion.

furnace repair company omaha neCall us. 402-332-3531

Written by Susan Stern